Open Health Network Launches PatientSphere Medical Data Blockchain

What Is Open Health Network?

Open Health Network is a network that uses blockchain and smart contracts technology through its platform, known as patientSphere, to allow consumers to control and monetize all their health information. The platform is powered by big data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence that enables the rapid development of mobile health applications as well as chatbots to be used by patients, payers, healthcare providers, and medical researchers.

The Open Health Network has developed the cloud-based middleware that consists of HIPAA-compliant distributed database that is used for storage of patient health data and patient identity management layer, all powered by blockchain. A metadata layer on the network is used for publishing identified information of the patients.

How Open Health Network PatientSphere Medical Data Blockchain Works

PatientSphere allows patients to pull together all data found from electronic medical records, wearable devices, mobile health applications, and chatbots and information programs like Google fit and Apple Health Kit into one dashboard on which it is simple and secure to share and navigate.

Health systems use PatientSphere when designing the experiences of patients, a step aimed at helping the patients to adhere to the courses of treatment, to learn about their health, and to track medications and give consent portion of information to be shared among their providers.

The health insurers use the platform in order to incentivize the health behaviors of their members. Researchers and pharmaceutical companies create modules that aim at finding the participants in clinical trials, thus increasing adherence and the retention rates.

Sample modules in the Open Health Network platform include a chatbot where patient conversations are captured and integrated to the EMR in case it is needed and medication adherence containing reminders to refill and take their medications. They also include a patient diary for recording how patients feel on a daily basis, personalized and customizable surveys on which any user can generate any type of advanced survey, deploy, and maintain them by use of the platform's content management tool.

Other modules include a social network that serves very relevant content to patients that is filtered by specific disease treatments and symptoms, Alexa and Siri voice services, analytics and gamification services helpful for answering questionnaires on the patient's health with ease and comfort.

Open Health Network Benefits

Total Control

Patients have total control of their healthcare information on the platform. They are the only ones who can choose when to share or navigate their information with users of the platform.


The information shared and used on the platform is highly secured by use of blockchain technology as well as smart contracts that keep the information safe from being accessed by unauthorized personnel.


The platform maintains very high levels of transparency by use of blockchain; through its network, users can easily view and trace their healthcare information and medication as well as their improvements. Useful information on the health of patients can be viewed and adhered to.

Customization And Expandability

The platform can be customized so that they can fit any patient-centered data collection requirements. Organizations can also change the feel and look of the platform, so that it can reflect its own branding, and customize content with a basis on a specific disease with no need of coding.

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