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Open Longevity is a project that aims to organize the world of aging research in a more transparent and effective way. Find out how this blockchain-based platform works today in our review.

What Is Open Longevity?

Open Longevity, found online at, aims to bring transparency to the world of clinical trials on aging. The project wants to initiate, organize, and guarantee the openness of clinical trials of aging therapies.

The blockchain-based platform will include patients themselves “in a global movement to search for and test potential aging therapies that, once proven effective, will immediately become part of their own lives.”

The Open Longevity ICO, which will involve the sale of YEARs tokens, is taking place throughout September and October.

How Does Open Longevity Work?

There are two core components to the Open Longevity project, including:

Expert System:

This is the technological platform for accounting for “personal human metrics.” It includes an AI-powered advisory system and a consulting section. It also has a unique system for conducting clinical trials among community members.

Clinical Trials:

Clinical trials on aging are taking place every day. some of these clinical trials involve researching how diet affects the aging process. Others are focused on treating Alzheimer’s or fighting atherosclerosis.

The ultimate goal of Open Longevity is to build a self-sufficient system that provides paid services to individuals, while at the same time accomplishing important tasks for humanity on a non-commercial basis.

Open Longevity Features

Open Longevity’s website lists the following broad features for the platform:

Goal Achievement:

The first goal of the platform is to develop a system that provides paid services to individuals, but at the same time accomplishes important tasks for humanity, including pushing the science of aging forward using blockchain technology.

Open And Transparent Results:

Using the blockchain, Open Longevity plans to enhance transparency across the industry. Open Longevity doesn’t plan to protect the therapies they test on patients. Instead, the results of that research will be made public. “We want to direct the energy of the patients themselves to fight against aging, and our experience suggests that it is the policy of openness that attracts to us projects, funding, scientists, and volunteers,” explains the official website.

Availability Of Therapies:

Open Longevity aims to solve a worrying problem in the science of aging field – if the “cure” for aging is ever discovered, then it could become an exclusive cure for the wealthy elite. Open Longevity’s transparent nature makes such an outcome impossible, because research is transparent and open at every step of the way. Open Longevity will publish both final and intermediate results from its tests, along with research protocols and all related materials. This information won’t be locked inside the database of a private pharmaceutical company – it will be out in public where anyone can see it.

Quality Of Research:

All Open Longevity clinical studies will be carried out “strictly in accordance with existing standards” and the company “will prepare brochures describing the design of the experiment, questionnaires,” and other required forms of information.

The Open Longevity ICO

Open Longevity is seeking funding through a pre-ICO and ICO. The company’s tokens are called YEARs. During the pre-ICO, the amount of YEARs is expected to equal an amount of about $1 million. Registration for the pre-ICO was between August 20 and September 3.

Meanwhile, the public crowdsale will last for 15 days, and it will start immediately after the pre-ICO.

During the crowdsale, tokens will be sold at a fixed price of 1,000 YEAR = $100. The ICO will continue until hitting a hard cap of $99,750,000.

Who’s Behind Open Longevity?

Open Longevity is led by CEO Mikhail Batin, who is also the president and founder of the Science for Life Extension Foundation. Batin is an entrepreneur, politician, and president.

Other key members of the team include Ilya Svirin, CTO, Anastasia Egorova, ED, Ivan Pisarev, CMO, and Sergey Kobelev, CIO.

Open Longevity Conclusion

Open Longevity is a blockchain-based platform dedicated to improving the science of aging. Specifically, the platform wants to enhance transparency in clinical trials on aging by publishing results, methodology, and other relevant information online.

Open Longevity is currently preparing for its crowdsale. You can learn more about the company online today at

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