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Imagine that there are two giants in the world, and these two giants usually don’t interact with each other very much. They have a lot of common, and they could have a lot more success in life if they worked together, but usually they just ignore each other. This is the story Open Money wants to tell, and they are here to help make sure the two giants start working together.

Blockchain technology and the global software sector are two giants, and they have been growing without each other. Open Money is poised to be the blockchain integration platform of choice for software applications, whether it is Enterprise or Consumer-centric.

The Open Money Team

The Open Money team has extensive experience in mobile app development and blockchain development. It is headed by CEO FizKassam who was the lead developer for Stick RPG with 40 million plus downloads, and the technology head Andrew Leung who acts as the CTO for the group. They are also joined by Ken Sangha as the COO.

Show Me The Open Money

All software developers need more platforms that provide easy monetization, distribution, and promotion for their content. They have seen the untapped potential of the liquid wealth in cryptocurrencies in 2017 and they want a piece of it.

Who can blame them? The top ten cryptocurrencies in the world have a market cap of more than $100 billion, and that is a huge source of untapped potential for these software developers.

As for the fastest growing sector in the software industry – consumer mobile apps have seen fragmented integration with the blockchain cryptocurrencies, but the biggest game for app developers is in the Google Play and Apple Stores, and these platforms have been less than welcoming to the blockchain revolution.

These million plus downloaded apps have been completely missing out on the potential spending power locked inside the blockchain.

For the blockchain that has been permeating and revolutionizing every sector, integration with the software applications market will serve to fuel growth for both markets.

Let The Cryptocurrency Flow

Open Money provides an open platform, which is essentially a suite of tools inside an API platform structure built for app developers. The mobile and other consumer apps will be distributed and easily monetized in the blockchain, finally extending the platform’s easy blockchain monetization to enterprise software apps as well in the future.

Built and integrated on to the open platform API suite, the software apps can accept OPEN Tokens and cryptocurrencies for monetization across mobile and web platforms. This is no longer an unconsolidated integration, but an overarching solution to integrate the huge cryptocurrency ecosystem with these software apps.

By enabling user accounts in the open platform, apps can let users create accounts that are easily integrated with cryptocurrency payment options.

With the web platform, developers can take their revenue generating apps to the web and immediately be integrated to the blockchain to accept payments as well.

The mobile platform enables e-commerce apps to accept payment through the platform in cryptocurrencies.

The platform will freely allow the app developers and software developers to access and utilize the API suites available for integrating their apps easily onto the platform for distribution and monetization.

Perfecting A Solution

The platform addresses the lack of multichannel support in monetization through cryptocurrencies. They also aim to address the compliance and high in-app purchase charges that platforms like Google Play or Apple Store charge the consumer apps.

With the blockchain integration, Open Money also aims to address unchecked fraudulent purchases and accidental purchases in the apps, ensuring that there is no leakage of income for the app developers.

Above all, two platforms are better than one and definitely three is better than two. Just as it makes sense to be in Google Play and the Apple Store, the apps can increase their revenue potential by integrating their app with the Open Money platform.

Build It And They Will Come

Open Money believes that if they build it, the app developers and customers who wish to buy those apps will come.

Considering the synergy in demographics of the users, we totally agree with them. This Open Money platform is the beginning of the new age of software on the blockchain.

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