OpenLedger Becomes Advisory Partner to genEOS Blockchain Enterprise Project

It has been announced that the OpenLedger is going to work together with the genEOS on a blockchain 4.0 project. genEOS will be receiving Open Ledger ApS (OpenLedger ApS offers the startup a platform to provide the range of support and services for planning and executing an ICO). genEOS team has expertise in developing blockchain based solution such as OpenLedger DEX.

What Is Open Ledger?

OpenLedger is a conversion platform that allows the users to immediately convert their Bitcoins to SmartCoins. It has certain limits for the conversion. SmartCoins is very flexible and can be withdrawn from any applications like money transfer, PayPal, or Nanocard.

What Is genEOS?

genEOS is the name given to monitoring the and system management of products. It is being used by the Financial Institutions. They are known by the different names such as NetAgent or TradeWatch. It was invented to monitor and evaluate critical real-time applications.  It can be used to monitor the 3rd party information system in a unified manner. It is very flexible in the management.

GenEOS Function

  • A united approach monitoring to identify dissimilar systems.
  • It works on Real-time, proactive system monitoring and management.
  • Flexible system rule management.
  • genEOS projects creating a faster and secure business.
  • It gives a technology that runs on a Blockchain network

The users will be able to use the genEOS as an operating system environment. It also provides a large storage so that the users can make use of it and use the unconsumed bandwidth. They will be creating Dapps (decentralized applications) for the performance. Dapps is in the picture due to strong demands from the users which will help the business with designing, project mapping, and implementation.

Aetsoft Helping Hands To genEOS

The company Aetsoft has decided to help genEOS by providing the technical support to the team and its users. It has the experience to achieve business outcome solutions and providing the blockchain in customized form as per the need. It provides solutions to Ethereum and Graphene.

genEOS Tokens Available At Crowdsale

The interested users who want to invest in the genEOS blockchain can participate in the Crowd sale that is going and has the last date of 23rd December 2018. Another way to buy genEOS tokens is to visit their official websites. The range of currencies is (USD, EUR or CNY) that is carried out by NextGenOne a US-based non-profit company.

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