What Is OpenPoll?

The purpose of the new Open Poll platform is to push polls into a true place of integrity. Polls once ran with integrity but have since fallen short in the form of running with trust. The new platform is a non-partisan platform designed to give polls on the blockchain. The mission of the company is to communicate people’s voices with authentic self-representation.

You can find the whitepaper and token sale in full operation on the company website. OpenPoll.io.

How OpenPoll Works

The company makes polls cheaper to run, with phone and exit polls typically being extremely expensive for all parties involved. Not only that, but polling if often extremely time consuming. But with Open Bull, you can count on much cheaper operations since the middleman is effectively being cut out entirely. Therefore, politicians, researchers and corporations can all benefit from using the platform.

The platform is inclusive, meaning that people who’ve been disenfranchised in the past can instantly translate languages to help connect members from different socioeconomic groups. OpenPoll also give more data to everyone, plus pushes for a fair voice.

The platform is completely unbiased, designed to avoid sectional and responsive biased. An example of selection bias would be having to choose between polling outside of a Target or a Wall-Mart. And a response bias example is when questions are asked by a male rather than a female. The effective fix is to give people completely anonymous polling, eliminating the polling biases altogether.

It’s also a completely encrypted process. Thanks to the blockchain technology used, all data is run through a decentralized network built on blockchain. They also provide users the ability to release data publicly at any time, and then keep it verifiable as well.

You can target and analyze all the way down to the Zip Code of a voter. They also support polls at all levels of scale. Basically, it ill work for local cities all the way up to nationwide voting. And with Open Poll it is fairly inexpensive to scale. Also, with the decentralized network that is used – organizations are completely verifiable. They show source of polls, so you can easily use the system in countries still in development who don’t already have a successful government freedom. Ready to start polling? Then you can use the mobile app as early as June of 2018 apparently.

OpenPoll POL Token ICO Details

At this time, the Open Poll Platform offers no form of an ICO. There is no information on it, or if one will be issued. It’s possible the platform is funded entirely by private community investors. There is a subscription box on the website however, so maybe they are still in too early stages of development.

Who Is Behind OpenPoll?

No information has been given on the founders of the company, but you can follow them on the company website. There are also several different social media accounts they have where you can follow them.

OpenPoll Conclusion

The company is designed to give people a safe place to vote. Anyone can go to Openpoll.io to learn more about how they can work with the company. The app will be available middle of June 2018. Hopefully soon, Open Poll will release some worthwhile information on who is behind the platform as well as any political figures or parties who are supporting them.

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