OpenPort Solutions & XVC Logistics Proof of Delivery Program (ePOD)

OpenPort, a company focused on digitals logistics, has decided to create a partnership with XVC Logistics, another logistics company based on the Philippines, to create a new blockchain network which will use a Proof of Reward program to validate its data and a micro-reward program.

The announcement happened on March 8, but the two companies have already been collaborating for some time and primary studies and tests using both Bitcoin and Ethereum technology have already been conducted.

OpenPort Solutions

The result of this partnership between the two companies is the OpenPort Solutions, a joint venture between both companies. This company will develop software for drivers to use a proof of delivery system to send shipment data while they are transporting goods. This can lower costs and improve how the work is done, the company states.

The CEO of OpenPort, Max Ward, has commented about the launch of OpenPort Solutions, the new blockchain technology of the company. He states that it is a significant achievement for both companies and that their tech has the potential to change the landscape of the logistics market and to improve the transparency for shippers of goods worldwide.

Both companies believe that their users will be significantly beneficiated by the joint venture. They state the users will have access to cutting-edge technology and that, by finding a partner who shares their vision, they will be able to double their efforts in offering the best products for their clients.

Pierre Carlo Curay, Vice president of strategic solutions in XVC Logistics, stated during the launch that the company values creators and that their core strength is to find solutions for difficult problems. Because of this, this partnership would improve the supply chain industry greatly even on a global scale.

About OpenPort and XVC Logistics

At the moment, OpenPort is concentrating their efforts in facilitating a transparent relation between transportation companies in China, Indonesia, Pakistan, Philippines, Hong Kong and India.

XVC Logistics is a major logistics provider for many international companies and it creates logistics services tailored for its clients by offering a great range of services, which includes third party contract logistics, marketing and distribution management of goods.

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