Decentralized Apps Will Move Towards Identity-Based Use Cases

  • Charles Hamel, Margarita Khartanovic, and Aron Fischer discuss use cases for dApps at the TNW2019 event.
  • The Opera platform will involve using identity verification as a use case within their dApps and web browser platform.

Every cryptocurrency event is an opportunity for the various platforms to release new information about their latest projects and initiatives. However, for Charles Hamel of Opera, the moment gave him a chance to speak with Margarita Khartanovic and Aron Fischer about the realistic use cases that dApps have in the industry, according to The Next Web’s Hard Fork.

The TNW2019 event is hosted by the publication, as these three individuals took the Hard Fork stage. Hamel suggested that the next use case for dApps has nothing to do with the financial world, but with identity-based functions.

Considering how new the technology is, the idea of trusting the technology to hold identity information secure could be pretty far away from mass adoption, which both Hamel and Fisher agree on. As Hard Fork points out, this process will not be overnight in the slightest, but the implementation of a “self-sovereign identity” function on a dApp could be the next big thing.

There are multiple challenges to this idea. Presently, there is already a crypto wallet integrated to Opera with its web-browser, and the platform appears to be preparing for other blockchain functions to be utilized over time. Hamel pointed out that the future of Opera will certainly dive into identity systems as time goes on.

Still, before blockchain-supported web systems are realistically adopted in a large-scale way, there needs to be substantial simplification. Fischer commented that, when these dApps finally come around, it is likely the public won’t even know what they are using, which is part of the goal.

As good as blockchain is, it will not be the “be all and end all” of the new systems, as Hard Fork states. Instead, it is just one piece of a much larger puzzle, working in other technologies that the public is seemingly more familiar with, like TCP/IP protocols, HTTP protocols, and others.

Ultimately, Hamel believes that the public needs to be able to have control over the release of their identifying information online, and he’s trying to make this happen through Opera. If successful, it is possible that the information revealed to a website for logging in will not require nearly the data it does today.

Realistically, having dApps with these capabilities goes beyond just the obvious benefits; it provides the public with the right to privacy without blocking them from other opportunities.

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