Operation Tron Storm Allows TRX Holders to Tip Crypto Via Twitter to Celebrity Figures and More

Tron’s users are now enjoying a new protocol that allows them send Tron (TRX) via Twitter to any account available. Indeed, in the last days ,important figures in different fields received TRX, such as Ellen, Kayne West, Pope Francis and many other notable celebrities.

This move is part of a wider effort to target influential individuals around the world and learn about one of the most revolutionary blockchain networks in the market.

Now it is possible to send Tron through Twitter thanks to the new payment platform known as Seedit. With it it is possible to send some TRX to other individuals around the world instantly. Watch this video if you want to learn more about it here:

Here is a quick rundown of how to use @GoSeedIt TRX coin tipping tool:

1) Visit official website for SeedIt at GoSeedIt.io
2) Login via your twitter account
3) Authorize your GoSeedIt account in order to use it properly
4) Once wallet is setup and ready, you send a TRX coin tip by replying to any twitter message with the following format: +(amount) @goseedit for example, +30 @goseedit
5) Alternative option is to directly tip using someone's twitter handle (username) that you want to send the funds to. this format looks like: @(username) +(amount) @goseedit  for example, @BitcoinsGuide +20 @goseedit

At the moment of writing, Tron is the 11th most important virtual currency with a market capitalization of $1.39 billion dollars. Each TRX can be bought for $0.02 dollars.

Let us know your thoughts on how the new #OperationTronStorm function is working for you as TRX coin hodlers continue to get more tools and innovation to utilize in various social media networks and channels.

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