What Is Opu Labs?

Opu Labs is developing a platform that can provide product recommendations and professional advice for skincare. The company hopes to benefit consumers by offering professional recommendations for far less than they might pay in person, while also generating new business for dermatologists, cosmetologists, and product lines. The platform will use its own internal currency, the Opu Coin.

Who Is Behind Opu Labs?

Opu Labs is the work of a relatively large team, with over 18 developers and nearly a dozen consultants. The team includes individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds, including programmers, dermatologists, marketers, and lawyers. The team is collaborating remotely from three separate locations, with members in Silicon Valley, Bangkok, and Tokyo.

While the company is active on nearly every popular social media service, it has not yet gained any significant audience; its most popular page, Telegram, has only 24 followers. However, the platform is still very early in its development, and its audience will surely grow as the product nears completion and its full public ICO approaches.

How Opu Labs Blockchain AI Skincare Clinic Token Works

Opu Labs' primary product is a smartphone app that can recommend skincare products or services based on either a scan of the user's face or the information that they enter themselves. The group states that the service will use AI to continually improve its recommendations, which should lead to excellent results. The platform aims to eventually become a comprehensive ecosystem that connects passionate consumers, knowledgeable dermatologists, and enterprising product manufacturers.

The company's business model is to charge both the professionals who market their products and services and the users who receive their recommendations, but it ultimately will cost much less than traditional services for everyone involved. Furthermore, the platform will reward all its users for actions that generate new business, such as recruiting new users, participating in clinical trials, providing their information to the AI engine, or leaving widely read product reviews.

Opu Labs OPU Coin ICO Details

A total of 12 billion Opu Coins will be created. The vast majority of them – 74% – are reserved as rewards that will stimulate the platform's growth in the future; only 5.5% will be sold during the pre-sale and ICO. The remaining coins are being kept by the developers and their partners, reserved for future sales, or distributed as part of a bounty marketing program.

The Opu Coin's ICO will begin on May 29th, 2018, and run for only two weeks, ending June 12th. During the sale, customers can purchase Opu Coins with either Ethereum or Bitcoins at a price of $0.056061 per token. A closed presale is already taking place as of late April, with those customers receiving significant discounts. Participants must register with the company, in compliance with know-your-customer regulations.

The Opu Coin is an ERC-223 currency; like the popular ERC-20 standard, it is based on the Ethereum smart contract system, but it includes an additional function that prevents the currency from being lost in an invalid transaction.

The Opu Coin will be either required to rewarded for virtually every action on the platform, by not only consumers but also dermatologists, product manufacturers, and software developers creating extensions.

Opu Labs Verdict

Opu Labs has an interesting idea that could cause a stir in the skincare industry. However, it's unclear whether consumers not already interested in cryptocurrencies will be enthusiastic about the Opu Coin. Investors curious about the Opu Coin should wait for reports about the platform's user base before purchasing.

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