Oracol Xor

What Is Oracol Xor?

Oracol Xor is a digital platform that aims at breaching the gap between digital assets and the local communities worldwide. It seeks to reach the masses at the grass roots level in a simple format that they can understand, with little or no technical knowledge. Oracol Xor comes with an all-inclusive infrastructure that is capable of global reach and geared towards encouraging mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. The Oracol Xor ICO ends soon and the following are its goals:

  • Promoting mass adoption
  • Creating a worldwide distribution network
  • Launching Oracol Xor social network
  • Facilitating mobile payments using Oracol Xor

Oracol Xor Cryptocurrency Platform Benefits

Strong Community:

Oracol Xor is an open-source avenue that gives users the possibility to interact on a social and financial level within a secure, protected, and strong community of investors and like-minded individuals.

Financial Freedom:

The platform enables you to improve you financial status. As a user, you can add to your portfolio Oracol Xor funds issued during private sale and ICO. You can reap the benefits by investing early in a fast developing company.


The Oracol Xor platform uses Proof of Work (PoW) protocol. All transactions are executed between users directly and not through a centralized organization. In the end, you say goodbye to intermediaries and exorbitant transaction fees.


You have the opportunity to connect with the community and discover like-minded people. You can read about the platform development and progress, make new friends, and discuss tutorials to help others catch up.

Three Areas Of Development

To Facilitate Mass Adoption

One of the prime objectives of Oracol Xor is to facilitate mass adoption. The platform seeks to achieve this through the issuance of Oracol Xor denominated cards that are available in local currencies at local stores worldwide. The company intends to use a distribution method similar to phone cards.

To Connect Areas With Low Or No Data Coverage

The world still has three billion people with phones but no data connection, especially in the developing world, partly due to lack of adequate infrastructure. Under this circumstance, people use their phone credits to pay. For example, mobile phone solutions using 2G or 3G networks such as Mpesa in Kenya are already a success. There is a great opportunity within this population and Oracol Xor seeks to enter the market as a disruptive technology that will change the existing landscape of the industry.

To Create A Social Network

No successful platform can thrive today without a strong social network presence. Typical examples include Facebook and YouTube, which have a huge number of subscribers. The daily use of social media platforms is increasing yet not a single platform has dedicated its operations to blockchain and cryptocurrency. Oracol Xor aim is to roll out a social media component as part of the platform and incorporate crypto currency usage as a form of payment for online purchase within the app.

Oracol Xor Coin Statistics & ICO Details

  • ICO Date: 12/11/18
  • Token Price: $0.15 USD
  • Softcap: 3.3 Million
  • Hardcap: 7.5 Million
  • Coin algorithm Scrypt: POW
  • Coin abbreviation: XOR
  • Maximum coin supply: 184 million
  • Circulating supply: 48 million and counting
  • Coin base maturity: 100 confirmations
  • POW block reward: 50 XOR (current)
  • Block spacing: 30 seconds

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