We are going to review a company called Orbeum today. Are you interested in knowing everything about this company? Just be sure to read our review and you will find out.

What Is Orbeum?

Orbeum is a video platform which will use the blockchain technology. This company has decided to create an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to fund the launch of its platform, which started to be developed in December 2016 and it is already near the launch.

This is a communication platform that you will be able to use for many reasons. In an era with so many possibilities for communication, companies like Orbeum seem decided to find a place in the market and to be sure that they will be able to carve their place into this market.

By using Orbeum you will be able to connect with your friend, with people from work, your family and to even conduct meetings or watch videos for fun or educational purposes. By using the blockchain technology the company expects to create a new token which will be used to replace transactions fees.

How Orbeum OrbStick Online Media Sharing Social Network Works

Orbeum is a video platform which works using the blockchain technology. Orbeum tokens are ERC20 tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain and use smart contracts for every transaction. These transactions are stored on the platform and they are public and can easily be checked for anybody.

The company believes that its tokens will become valuable because they will have real utility and value, not only be valuable because someone said that they would be. Because of this, the company believes that it will be able to create a profitable economy from these tokens. The product will be launched soon after the token sale is finished, which will also help the tokens to be valorized faster.

By using the Orbeum platform you will be able to connect with friends and family using video, do proper video hosting, share all the videos that you create, watch a great variety of videos, create video stations (which will be like Youtube channels), use voice chats and video calls, pay for services with OBM tokens and monetize them by staking them.

You also be able to go live and broadcast whatever you want and to react to posts and record screens. Another possibility that this company offers to you is to host meetings and cover live events using the platform.

This company was created by Faheem Rajpoot (CEO) which is a long time entrepreneur and has experience in helping people to create income online.

How To Invest In Orbeum OBM ICO Details

If you want to use this platform or get some money from it, you can participate during the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) that the company has planned. The sale is already online and it will last until the end of April, so you should hurry if you want the best price for the tokens.

If you buy during the first two weeks, you will be able to get 10% bonus tokens, while if you buy during the last week, only 2%. The bonuses are smaller every week, so you should decide fast whether OBM tokens are for you.

Each token costs $0.01 USD and there are 4,000,000,000 available on the sale. You will only be able to pay for tokens using ETH.

Orbeum Verdict

Is this platform a really good investment for you? If you plan to use the Orbem platform, then it can surely be. The platform looks really very interesting and you will be able to use paying a lot less, which will be good. If you intend to use the platform professionally, it would be a great idea to invest in tokens from this company right now.

Even if you are just looking for profit, it can be a good option to use Orbeum because the app will be launched soon after the sale, which means that the price of the tokens will get way more expensive soon after the sale is ended and you will be able to get your return on investment very quickly is everything goes according to the plan.

The choice is yours. If you liked this company, do not be afraid to invest in it, as it might be a rewarding investment for you in the end.

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