Orbis OBT ICO Review

OrbisWeb is a 100% secure, decentralized open network designed for the public Bluetooth communities. This revolutionary platform enables third-party developers to get access to crowd-gathered and cloud-stored data. Additionally, OrbisWeb delivers faster access to the Internet of Things to tech product consumers. The OrbisWeb platform is designed to be many times more efficient and robust as compared to the alternative WiFi based apps.

The overall conceptual framework utilized by OBT can be broken down into three architectural variables:-

About Orbis OBT Token

The number of coins minted and then distributed to the developers is determined by the app usage to a token cap. The coins minted for the customers are in turn determined by how long the customer’s mobile nodes stays active on the OrbisWeb network.


BLE connections form secure local networks that eventually join larger networks on the World Wide Web. OrbisWeb has simplified the jobs of app developers and other network techies with its intuitive and advanced digital infrastructure. These advanced networks are used to synch apps to the IoT and to the clouds almost seamlessly.


The Orbistore application is ideal for third-party app developers looking to utilize the BLE networks for eased connectivity.


Orbisweb is a brain-child project by Jason Chao who now runs the team with two other developers, Stephen Yang and David Ni, and the creative expert, Cici Wei.

Orbis OBT Crowdsale Announced

This crypto-asset investment company has planned a crowdsale event slated to start on March 3rd, 2018 and culminate on the 31st of the same month. When the presale of the tokens concluded, the company’s soft cap had surged by a whopping 9287 NEO tokens. The raised tokens are expected to be distributed to the prospective bidders in the first week of the crowdsale event.

Orbis OBT ICO Token Details

During the launch, OrbisWeb made it clear that they would continue minting the tokens until they finally surpassed their hard cap fundraising target set at $12M. At that point, all minted coins that won’t have been sold or purchased will be burned, the whitepaper on the token issue campaign adds. The XRT will be realized once the company hits a supply milestone of 100M tokens. The $12M was equal to 40M Orbis OBT tokens.

Employee Withdrawals

OrbisWeb’s employees will be allowed a maximum 10% withdrawal on their investments once they’ve clocked six months. To make withdrawals exceeding 10% of their overall investments, OrbisWeb requires its employees to first issue a two-week official notice to their superiors.

To learn more interesting caveats on pertinent aspects revolving this crowdsale by Orbis, for instance, about the initial supply distribution guidelines, inflation schedule, and fund usage, be sure to go over the provided whitepaper. Alternatively, you are free to contact OrbisWeb via their official Email addresses or drop by their head offices at Vancouver, BC in Canada and get an expert to fill you in your crypto investment options.

OBT is a global crypto-assets investment player that is accredited to provide these services to people from diverse geographic locales not just to Canadians. You can use OrbisWeb development and consumer application products if you reside in Russian, Spanish, Hindi, and Dutch. OBT is governed by the simple, albeit profoundly deep mantra that states, ‘Be a Small Part of a Much Larger, Bigger Network.’

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