ORCA Alliance PYGMY Crypto Investment Portfolio Tracking App to Rival Blockfolio Launches

ORCA Alliance’s PYGMY Offers Solutions To The Prevailing Problems Crypto Portfolio Management Apps

Earlier this month, ORCA Alliance announced releasing a tool to track all crypto assets – ORCA PYGMY. The major difference between PYGMY and other tracker tools available now is the auto-update function. PYGMY will be free of charge and accessible for everyone.

The framework is rather simple: the user connects their cryptocurrency exchange accounts to PYGMY by allowing API access. Once the connection is approved, the read-only tool will be able to track his crypto assets held on accounts linked to PYGMY.

One of the key features of PYGMY a use of API connections which enables synchronization of different accounts. Time-taking manual trades’ inputs are a thing of the past – ORCA Alliance PYGMY enables automatic update of user’s values and portfolio structures.

Even when users will liquidate part of their assets or invest into other coins – the values and portfolio structure will be automatically updated and reflected in PYGMY dashboard. Users will no longer have to input trades manually saving them loads of time and nerve cells.

ORCA Alliance is known for two features. The first one is its naming policy: the names of all products are inspired by the types of orcas. This is just an eye-catching fact. But the second feature of ORCA Alliance is the one which is really important: the company is known for bridging crypto and traditional finance with a number of well-thought tools.

The usefulness of ORCA’s tool improves many-fold with each connected account. Crypto traders often face frustration trying to get a sense of their true exposure while maintaining active accounts on several, at times even dozen cryptocurrency exchanges. PYGMY is being authenticated and verified by internal testing by the team, friends, and family as the closed pre-alpha since last week. After it’s confirmed that no major bugs are remaining in the software, PYGMY will be released to the general public.

“Building something new is always exciting. The initial release is sensitive though, you always want everything to work perfectly. Experience says it rarely happens. That’s why we’re developing ORCA platform through a 5-phase roadmap –so we can iterate, improve and pivot in between to build something that’s useful,” commented ORCA’s System Architect, former GetJar developer Sigitas Saulevicius.

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