What Is Organicco?

Organicco is a blockchain-based project that seeks to develop next-generation green technology solutions that will help minimize the accumulation of organic waste by utilizing them to produce eco-friendly auxiliary products. The produce will go into creating natural sources for the agricultural sector such as fertilizers while also enabling the clients to benefit from the venture's success.

The Problems Organicco Seeks To Solve

Organicco is seeking to solve the following set of agricultural problems:

  • Chemical abuse and damage to soils and organisms during agriculture
  • Rising soil erosion, which increase loses of soil fertility
  • Dumping of organic waste on water and land environments
  • Poor agricultural practices.

The Organicco Organic Food/Waste Green Blockchain Project Solution

  • Continued research and upgrading of the exclusive existing solutions into better models. These will include EcoHERO (organic fertilizer production), EcoDRYER (animal feed production) and EcoREDUCER (renewable energy production)
  • Establishment the easiPAYER platform that will facilitate internal payment for individuals seeking agricultural solutions at low costs, and with transparency
  • The ORGANICCO token (ORC) to act as a form of share for individuals looking to profit from the growing interest in the platform.
  • Provide financial support and equipment logistics to companies looking to partner and access the Organicco services.

Organicco ORC Token ICO Details


  • Period- April 11th, 2018 till 20th June 2018
  • Token available- 12,000,000 ORC
  • Price- 1 ORC= €0.40 GBP
  • Capital guarantee- 1-5 000 000 ORC (100%)


  • Period- 6th June 2018- TBA
  • Tokens available- 60 000 000 ORC
  • Price- 1ORC= €0.50 GBP

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Ticker- ORC
  • Model- ERC-223(Ethereum blockchain)
  • Accepts- BTC, ETH, GBP
  • Price- 1 ORC=€ 0.40- 0.50 GBP
  • Total supply- 120 000 000 ORC
  • Hard cap- €35 000 000 GBP
  • Soft cap- €3 500 000 GBP
  • Country- UK

Token Allocation

  • Crow-sale- 60%
  • Referral program- 4%
  • Founding team- 20%
  • Partner sale- 16%

Organicco Conclusion

ORGANICCO plans on becoming a leading pioneer to convert the organic waste materials into useful products. While the efforts are impressive, the goal remains far-fetched since the platform aims to make cost-effective solutions on a global scale. Still, ORGANICCO offers a sustainable solution, and it would stay interesting to see how the initial stages turn out.

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