Orientum Coin Goes Green Review:

Crypto Coin Goes Green As Orientum Ready To Launch

Orientum, the new cryptocurrency due to be listed on public exchanges is targeted at green energy and in particular plastic waste.

Natchaphan Sonsirinun and Jiratchyuth Amyongka, creators of Orientum, say they using their knowledge and skills of several years in the fintech industry and financial markets, to create a cryptocurrency which would relate to green energy and in particular plastic waste.

Cryptocurrencies have caught the public's appetite for a different route of investment, and now Orientum is taking this a step further, by aligning their coins to creating wealth from waste. Natchaphan Sonsiriinun, Orientum's Chief Executive Officer said, they are looking to solve the problem of plastic waste in Thailand.

Thailand is a society that at the moment relies heavily on plastic bags.The recent horrifying photo of a dead whale washed up on a beach with a massive amount of plastic waste in her body, gave people everywhere a huge wake up call. Orientum feels very strongly that with the help of its cryptocurrency,Thailan can invest in her children's future by funneling funds from Orientum into the huge global problem of plastic waste.

With roughly 8 million tons of plastic ending up in Thailand oceans each year, the country is witnessing a global crisis and soon we it be drowning in plastic waste unless it takes action.

Orientum is supported by prosperous businesses involved in three different stable and secure industries: Real Estate, Tourism & Hospitality, and now the game-changing Green Energy market. Jiratchyuth Amyongka, Orientum's Chief Financial Officer added that,

“Orientum's projects embrace innovation. We have partnered with researchers from Thailand's prestigious Chulalongkorn University in setting up an innovative industrial project for efficiently converting waste plastics to fuel. The process has been optimized to produce high quality fuels with zero negative impact on the environment. Orientum is driven by a long-term vision. We are generating dynamic growth for a sustainable future.”

Orientum will be setting up Waste Plastic to Fuel Production Plants where waste plastic bags are converted back into petroleum and further into diesel, which in addition to tackling the plastic waste problem, provide a profitable and sustainable business model. For more information check out www.orientum.io.

Where there is destruction Orientum wants to bring healing, and what the team behind Orientum want is to turn a disaster into a worthwhile opportunity.

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Coin Market Cap Price Change 24 Hour Volume
BTC $140.37B $7,922.2011 3.24% $6.41B
ETH $26.19B $246.6294 0.61% $3.09B
XRP $16.14B $0.3831 1.93% $513.27M
BCH $7.22B $405.4262 3.30% $580.53M
LTC $5.53B $89.3452 1.29% $616.35M
EOS $5.47B $5.9961 1.05% $667.84M
BNB $4.53B $32.0563 2.16% $285.75M
USDT $2.99B $1.0045 0.22% $6.28B
XLM $2.42B $0.1255 1.72% $50.42M
ADA $2.08B $0.0804 2.50% $71.02M

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