OrionCoin ORC ICO

With so many ICOs in the cryptocurrency world, consumers are faced with the decision between different brands that have plenty of similarities. Most companies have about the same offers and promotions, giving consumers a standard exchange rate for the deposits that they make. However, the OrionCoin ICO is a little bit different.

According to the information online and through the official website, taking part in this type of cryptocurrency is meant to pivot the brand into space tourism.

What Is The OrionCoin ORC ICO?

Even though the idea seems a little far-fetched, OrionCoin aims to start off by making their tokens available to consumers in mass amounts, urging contributors to take part in their loyalty program. However, the global part of their mission only takes them through the third phase. Upon entering the fourth phase, the company simply reveals a title – “Serving Our Solar System.”

This phase explains that they want to bring in several nodes into space, allowing contributors to make transactions further into the universe. While space tourism is decades away from becoming any kind of pastime, the brand also wants to use the tokens to transfer between machines in the “economy in space.”

The following phase aims to stretch the outreaches of this level of cryptocurrency all the way to Orion’s Belt. Once the company has conquered this distance, they set their sights on infiltrating other galaxies, making this company a little more sci-fi than reality.

Comparisons Between OrionCoin And Conventional Systems

The biggest way that OrionCoin tries to appeal to consumers is that they compare themselves to conventional money management systems. Some of the ways that they can fulfill the needs of consumers apart from the traditional investment options include:

  • Offering a decentralized database
  • The ability to use points anywhere for any transaction
  • The ability to convert ORC tokens into cash
  • Real-time updates on balances and transactions
  • No point expiration
  • Fraud protection

Realistically, most cryptocurrency options provide these benefits. However, the one thing that OrionCoin has over other ICOs is the desire and plan to exceed the confines of the world, to bring the management system into space.

The Road Ahead For OrionCoin ORC ICO

Investors will be pleased to find out everything that the OrionCoin has in store. Read on below to find out the timeline that the company has gone through to this point.

  • June 2017 – The company engaged in the first research about creating the scientific and experimental processes involved with the web-based blockchain technology
  • July 2017 – The company engaged the first instance of the multi-tier technology for marketing strategies
  • August 2017 – A founding team of visionaries and experts was established
  • November 2017 – The blockchain technology was publicly released to potential investors

The last step of the timeline, so far, was the Crowdfunding Participation campaign. This sale enables consumers and contributors to get a piece of the tokens that OrionCoin offers. Unfortunately, there are no new details about the upcoming changes that OrionCoin plans to make, and nothing to indicate when sale will be available.

However, one way that the OrionCoin appeals to consumers is that the bitcoin currency available will soon be offered on a debit card, giving more universal appeal to consumers.

Contacting OrionCoin

Even with the information above, there is still a scarce amount of details online, which means consumers need to get information directly from the source. OrionCoin is based out of Ontario, Canada, and does not have a phone number to get ahold of someone in customer service. However, anyone that wants to get more details about the company can send an email to [email protected]

OrionCoin ORC ICO Summary

While much of the emphasis on the OrionCoin website is on the exploration of space economy, the most realistic and beneficial feature is the use of a debit card to spend the tokens. Spending cryptocurrency like a credit or debit card allows consumers to visit any area with the compatible money available at any time, even without being online. OrionCoin may have some fanciful ideas, but the flexibility is a perk for every business and consumer.

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