Orlan is a Russian company that is considered one of the top players in the supply of concrete and concrete mixtures used in construction. The company operates mainly in Russia and the developing countries as a full-fledged concrete marketplace that acts as the interaction point between manufacturers and buyers of the Orlan System concrete. The company has announced the launch of its blockchain marketplace along with its Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

Orlan has been in the building materials and construction market for 5 years and its launch of a one-of-a-kind marketplace platform where buyers can find products from top brands and manufacturers can sell directly to end users is timely. Orlan’s blockchain platform hopes to successfully bring all the benefits of blockchain to one of the most rigid development industries in the world.

Features Of The Orlan Blockchain Platform

The software platform developed by Orlan to run on personal computers is a cloud-based service accessible via the company’s website as well as on an Android and iOS device. It features a simple and straightforward flat user interface and has only the key functions required to execute a successful purchase order for the customer or publish a product for manufacturer. Since the marketplace interface is built for an average user, it does not require training to master and users of any level of experience with modern apps can use it.

One of the top selling features of the Orlan blockchain marketplace platform is that it has a powerful tool to compare product details with those of existing analogue markets. The web scrapping tool the platform relies on to acquire competitor and product data is an invaluable tool that is designed to make it easier for buyers to focus on the product features that benefits them the most while comparing prices and other details.

The use of blockchain technology in construction materials industry will solve multiple critical problems in the industry including the problem of counterfeit products, shady manufacturers, and untrustworthy dealers. With the use of Orlan Tokens, the platform will have its own internal cryptocurrency that users can use to trade and carry out mutual exchanges. The platform uses a smart contracts type of blockchain, which means the opportunities for growth is limitless.

Orlan System Conclusion

Orlan is offering Orlan Tokens in its ICO. However, the specifics of the ICO are yet to be released. The system is designed to tokenize real sector assets and the funds collected during the ICO will be used in the development of the marketplace platform. Orlan System’s is set to be one of the most successful ICOs in Russia.

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