The cryptocurrency mining company Ormeus Coin has recently released footage of its huge operation, one of the biggest in North America. The footage shows the first industrial cryptocurrency mining tour in the country.

The market is getting more mainstream every day, so many companies like Ormeus Coin are starting to show their public face online. The video shows visitors from different parts of the world looking at the facilities and the crypto mining rigs while they are at work. The CMC of Ormeus, Bob Steed, welcomes guests from many continents on the video

Cryptocurrency Mining Companies Are More Open Now

As cryptocurrencies are getting increasingly popular, many companies are opening their doors to visitors. The organization of this tour was just an example of that.

Ormeus Coin is opening its doors as it attracts publicity and, according to Steed, “gives people confidence knowing this is a real company with real mining and real people”. Being more open, it looks, it’s great for business.

The Ormeus Coin Operation

Ormeus’ operation is worth $250 million USD, being one of the major operations in the country. During the footage of the tour, you can see the Ormeus Mobile Miners, one of the main features of the company.

These devices are powered by 100,000 ASIC chips which are inside 40-foot shipping containers. This mining machine has the ability to mine 50 Bitcoins monthly (around $400,000 USD at the time of this report). The mobile miners are among the best equipment in the market, as their speed and stability are almost unmatched.


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