Ormeus Global

Ormeus Global claims to offer “cryptocurrency wealth building products”. Find out how these products work today in our review.

What is Ormeus Global?

Ormeus Global claims to offer a comprehensive suite of products, services, and opportunities “to fuel personal growth and development.” Using these products and services, anyone can get rich quick and access “the lifestyle you deserve”.

Obviously, when companies start talking about “financial freedom” and “the lifestyle you deserve”, it typically means you’re dealing with a multilevel marketing company.

Ormeus Global is vague about its overall products and services. The company mentions that they operate in the “interactive learning and “energetic wellness” spaces, for example. What exactly is “energetic wellness”? I have no idea.

Ormeus Global also has a section of its website dedicated to “cryptocurrency wealth building products.”

There’s a lot going on with Ormeus Global. Let’s take a closer look at how the platform claims to work.

How Does Ormeus Global Work?

Ormeus Global vaguely mentions educational products and “energetic wellness” services. However, the website doesn’t have many details about either of these programs. Instead, the website is mostly focused on the company’s “cryptocurrency wealth building products.”

Those products are advertised as an easy way to get rich:

“Astonishing wealth is created every second through cryptocurrency. Now you can enter the lucrative field with our CRYPTOCURRENCY WEALTH-BUILDING PRODUCTS,” loudly explains the official website.

Ormeus Global claims to have a number of products that will help you get rich quick through cryptocurrencies, including a bot trader, mining contracts, and professional trader mirroring services.

2xB89 Bot Trader

The 2xB89 bot trader uses “a sophisticated algorithmic trading strategy” to make trades on your behalf. You don’t need any skill or experience to use this automatic trading robot. Instead, it performs completely automated trades. Ormeus Global claims traders can expect to earn a “160% return in a completely automated, hands off environment.”

The company doesn’t provide any proof to back up its enormous ROI claims. They don’t claim which cryptocurrencies they trade. However, they vaguely mention they trade cryptocurrencies the same way they trade forex pairs.

Ormeus Master Trader

Ormeus Master Trader lets users become a cryptocurrency “Master Trader” using mirroring technology. Basically, you can make trades on the platform, then other users can copy your trades. If you consistently make profitable, intelligent trades over time, then you can expect more users to follow you. You get a cut of the money each user has dedicated to following your trades.y

Mining Contracts

Ormeus Global has short-term mining contracts where you participate in cryptocurrency mining. You pay money to Ormeus Global, then they purchase mining equipment or cloud mining contracts on your behalf.

Long-term mining contracts are also listed on the website, although they’re not yet available for purchase on the official Ormeus Global website, although they’re listed as “coming soon”.

The Ormeus Global Referral System

Ormeus Global has a multilevel referral system or pyramid scheme that uses a binary structure. The affiliate is placed at the top of the binary team, and that team is split into a left and right side.

Ormeus Global encourages you to refer people to the platform. If they pay the $999 membership fee, you get a cut of their membership.

Ormeus Global Pricing

You’ll need to pay a hefty fee to participate in Ormeus Global. Packages are priced from $1,000 to $4,000 per year. However, most users will pay the $1,000 membership fee.

  • Bronze Membership (Master Trader + 2xB89): $999 per year
  • 2xB89 (Non-Members): $1874 per year
  • Master Trader: $1874 per year
  • Master Trade + 2xB89: $3748

Basically, you pay $1,000 as an Ormeus Global member compared to $3,748 as a non-member. It’s unclear who pays the higher “retail price”. It seems like anyone can purchase the membership package.

It’s also important to note that Ormeus Global claims to be a totally free service. Yes, you can create a free account on the platform, although you can’t really do anything with the free account. To get the 160% ROI offer, for example, you’ll need to pay to join. You’ll also need to pay the membership fee to access any commissions.

Who’s Behind Ormeus Global?

Ormeus Global doesn’t provide any information about the founding team or management. They don’t explain why they’re qualified to handle your investment, or what kinds of qualifications they have.

The website was registered on February 2017.

The name of the company, by the way, refers to “orme”, which is the alchemist’s goal of turning base metals like lead into gold. Just like orme, Ormeus Global wants to make gold out of lead.

The Ormeus Coin Token Sale

Ormeus Global appears to have its own in-platform currency called Ormeus Coins. It’s not totally clear what these coins are – there’s no proof they’re based on a private or public blockchain, for example.

Our friends at BehindMLM.com have labeled the Ormeus Coin as a “Ponzi points” system, describing it as a coin that’s “worthless outside of the company.”

Ormeus Global Conclusion

Ormeus Global promises to make you rich quick using a number of different cryptocurrency products. The company advertises three different crypto services, including an automated trading platform that claims to pay 160% ROIs (they don’t clarify whether this is a monthly or annual ROI). They also have short-term mining contracts, a referral scheme, and “energetic wellness” opportunities, although there’s limited transparency about any of these products or services.

Ormeus Global claims to generate its enormous 160% ROI through a magical “trading bot” that consistently makes profitable trades for the company. There’s limited proof this trading bot exists, and we can’t find any proof that it beat market returns by 160%.

To learn more about Ormeus Global, visit the company online today at OrmeusGlobal.com.

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  1. It is very apparent that you have not done your research as I have. You make many false statements and should go back and research again to see where you have missed the answers to the questions that you posed about Ormeus Global. Be very careful on your statement that this is a Ponzi point operation. You are setting yourself up for making a fraudulent statement.

    • So what did you find when you did the DD on the company? Who are the owners? What proofs did you find of their claims?
      Big investors need more than the usual MLM mumbo jumbo.


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