What Is ORS Group?

This is a new platform organization that uses the new Hypersmart Contracts (HSC) that were created by the company to connect the Artificial Intelligence they’ve created to the powerful Blockchain technology. They are using it as new building blocks that make powerful algorithms to be used to bridge the traditional economies of the world to the new cryptocurrency one.

And thanks to HSC value chains are now easily improved and used for creating solid models in business that haven’t been seen as of yet because of technological limitations. The company will be able to help companies grow while working on a decentralized network designed for smaller organizations and startups on a global scale.

How Does ORS Group AI Blockchain HyperSmart Contracts Work?

The Hypersmart Contracts are used to operate the Flow of Services with the AI and the Flow of Information within the blockchains. They will also operate the Flow of Money within the exchanges. It’s a business value technology that is used to accelerate the work flow and pretty much every operation within the organization.

They work by combing the company developed AI with the Blockchain and Ethereum Smart Contracts to create the Hypersmart Contracts and in turn release a tremendous amount of cash. They have previously been in the energy, retail, and financial services industry with more than one thousand AI algorithms already developed. They are also set up to be ready-to-go for blockchain projects thanks to Hypersmart Contracts.

ORS Group ORST ICO Details

The pre-ICO of ORS group is ten million Euros and the main ICO is fifteen million euros. The token issuer is the company ORS SA themselves. And they are said to be based out of Switzerland, with a total amount of tokens to be sold at 500,000,000. And the name of the token is ORST or the ERC20 standard token. The official launch date for the company is April 28, 9 am CET. With a token price set at 0.05 Euros, it’s actually a fairly high-priced token for a new startup.

You can learn more by watching the video at ORSgroup.io where there is also a whitepaper listing and an executive summary. The information on the site will go into more detail about the vision of the company, their automated robo-advisor and the company HSC itself. There is also a roadmap on the site where you can learn more information. The ORST crowdsale officially starts in a little more than 47 days.

Who Is Behind ORS Group?

Unfortunately, upon looking for team information – there isn’t any. Clicking on the button under team to learn more just scrolls you to the top of the page. This is a bad sign because it shows a lack of transparency. And a lack of transparency leads to a lack of honesty.

ORS Group Conclusion

The ORS token or the ORST is a utility token built on the Ethereum blockchain technology. And it’s completely compliant with the ERC20 standard. Not only that, but it is the main fuel for the platform and used to fund all movements and operations, incentivizing businesses to participate within the crypto community on the website and join the platform for trading, buying and selling with HSC, Algos and other virtual assets.

They ORST will also be used to encourage developers and scientists around the world to further profit off their knowledge and talent. They seem to be promising company, hopefully they will disclose more information on the team and the company location headquarters. Because until then, they are considered a high risk investment that is dangerous to work with.

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