Orvium Review

The blockchain technology is definitely changing the world. While you probably do not see it outside of the internet, the changes are becoming apparent increasingly faster. Orvium is a company that intends to use this kind of technology to improve how science is done.

What Is Orvium?

Orvium believes that science is currently too much centralized and that this is very harmful to science as a whole. The company plans to use the blockchain technology to manage scholarly publications and their life cycles, along with the data associated with them. This way, the company intends to bring disruption and even revolution to the science in the world.

How Orvium Transparent Science Data Blockchain Works

The Orvium platform will work in a fully decentralized way, which will enable a fair, transparent and competitive market to be created on this platform. Decentralization is a weapon against oligopolies and centralization, which is something that is harming science today.

All transactions will be stored on the blockchain. These transactions include revisions, publications, review, etc. They will be accessible to anyone without charging high fees. This way of storing data will make it more accessible and accountable for.

The company will also use big data and artificial intelligence to sort all the data gathered on the platform. Instead of using biased ways to review, Orvium will use its allegedly unbiased technology, which at least will be more transparent than what is currently being done.

Orvium will have options for full life-cycle traceability and the authors will be able to select how they will license their work to be accessed or used by other people. The publications will always be posted with zero delay, so the journals will be always updated. The network will not have high maintenance costs and research will be easy.

Journals published on this network will be managed by autonomous organizations that will use smart contracts as a tool to manage it. This is all done to create a collaborative environment. Orvium’s source code will be fully open and you will be able to access it.

Orvium ORV Token ICO Details

The ORV tokens will be the main currency used on the platform. They will be a transparent way to pay for the services and to finance science. You will get tokens for submitting manuscripts for review, for reviewing them and for sharing your research data. This means that the ORV tokens is basically how you will be paid for your work on the platform.

The author can choose if the content posted on Orvium will be free for access or if it will require a fee. These fees are generally used to provide the money for the authors that publish on the platform.

  • Orvium will have a Token Generation Event soon.
  • 60% of the tokens created by the company will be sold on this occasion.
  • The price will be $0.10 USD per 1 ORV
  • The hard cap will be $20,000,000 USD
  • The total supply of ORV tokens is 379 million tokens.
  • You can pay using BTC, XBT, ETH, USD, CHF, EUR, SGD, DKK and GBP.

Who Is Behind Orvium?

The founders of Orvium are Manuel Martin, Roberto Rabasco and Antonio Romero. The three of them are renowned scientists that work either as software engineers or with big data. Their work has led them to reunite and construct this platform to change the future of science in the world.

The scientific advisors of the company are Alberto Di Meglio (head of the CERN openlab), Tom Soderstrom (CTO of NASA-JPL), Chris Mattmann (associate CTO of NASA-JPL), Miguel Angel Pesquera (professor and head of transport and logistics in Cantabria), Nico Orce (nuclear physicist in the Western Cape University), Jesús Villadangos (professor in the University of Navarre).

Being created mostly by scientists, the company also needed business advisors. They are Bernd Lapp (blockchain advisor), Nicolai Oster (head of Bitcoin Suisse AG), Christopher Tucci (chair of EPFL), Franco Amalfi (director of innovation at the Oracle Public Sector North America), Davide Gallo (manager of Amazon Web Services) and Ruben Garcia (marketing expert).

The main partners of the company are Bitcoin Suisse AG, Attela and AmaZix.

Orvium Conclusion

This looks like a company that has great chances of success. While Orvium is certainly not the only company with similar ideas of creating a blockchain space for science, this looks like a very safe bet when you see the people involved in this project. The advisors are pretty renowned, so we do not think that this company will fail.

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