What Is OSA DC?

OSA DC (OSA Decentralized) intends to be one of the first decentralized AI-driven marketplaces to use the blockchain technology to offer solutions to retailers, manufacturers and consumers around the world. The company is currently having an Initial Coin Offering.

The company has already grown a lot since its inception and has many business partners. The services of the OSA DC are used by companies like L’Oreal, Danone, Mars, Coca Cola, Metro, JTI, EFEC, Sun InBev, Retail Chain Magnit and Pepsico.

How OSA DC Optimal Shelf Availability Retail Blockchain Works

The company’s services are built on the OSA Hybrid Platform. The main idea of the company is collect what is normally fragmented data across a whole supply chain and use machine learning techniques to analyze this data, remove what does not matter and show the results to the owners of the supply chain.

By using smart contracts, OSA DC is able to protect this data and to secure it from any type of manipulation so it can be pure and accurate enough to be used.

OSA DC believes that the retail industry has many systemic inefficiencies that make this industry lose more than $500 billion USD annually. By fixing the inefficiencies that make the companies lose so much money and connecting all the actors involved in the retail process, the company will be able to stop this money from being lost.

The blockchain can be used to inventory tracking, for instance, so problems like overstocking and understocking will be greatly reduced. Product waste can also be controlled via the blockchain and the immutability of this technology provides what could be considered a much more reliable way to make business with the clients.

The OSA DC Ecosystem

The ecosystem of the company is made up of consumers, retailers, manufacturers, distributors and logistics providers. By using artificial intelligence (AI) and the blockchain technology, the company is able to help all these individuals at the same time.

It offers the best options for each one of these groups and enable the consumers to save and money while buying, which will also help everyone that will be on the ecosystem because the consumers will provide a wealth of data that can be used to make the whole ecosystem better.

Who Is Behind OSA DC?

The three co-founders of OSA DC are Alex Isaiev ( Business Development Lead), Alex Zdrilko ( Business Development Lead) and Ruslan Pyshnyi ( Strategy & Marketing Lead). Other key members are Maximilian Musselius (Strategy and Vision Lead), Arūnas Roličius (Chief Operations Officer) and Esther Katz (VP of Communications).

Other experient members of the team include Vadim Korsunsky (Retail Business Development Lead), Elena Tsekich (Sales Lead), Almir Salimov (Asia Business Development Lead), Andriy Velykyy (Blockchain and Token Economy Lead), Nikolay Lysenko (Chief Data Scientist), Yuriy Dukhnich (Product Creation Lead), Valentin Ovechkin (Value Creation Lead), Darina Lukyanenko (Marketing & Strategy), Denis Novikov (Finance and Legal Lead), Maria Semina (Team Coordinator) and Oleksii Potapenko (Data Science Lead).

OSA DC OSA Token ICO Details

  • The company is currently having an OSA token sale.
  • The tokens can be bought for 0.0002 ETH
  • You have until June 21 to buy tokens at this price
  • After that, tokens will be sold at a higher price from July 21 to August 21.
  • The minimum buy-in is 1 ETH
  • ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, ETC to buy OSA tokens.
  • The hard cap of the sale is $40 million USD.

OSA DC Conclusion

This is definitely a company that already has its place in the market. You can see it by the sheer amount of big companies that use its services. Our hint is that the tokens of this company will probably be very valuable in the future, so it definitely looks like a good idea to buy them.

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