Otaku Coin is a new digital coin that wants to disrupt the fields of anime, manga, gaming, and many other types of popular fields in Japan. A Japanese company created the coin with an ICO planned for some time in 2018.

By using the blockchain, the Otaku Coin will be used to connect creators of content with fans of anime. This will be done in a smart and direct way. In short, the coin wants to be the digital currency of Japanese pop culture. This will help to preserve this culture in Japan.

Why Otaku Coin

The Otaku Coin was made to transform how manga, anime, and gaming operate in Japan. However, there is more to this coin. Here are some of the things this coin could achieve:

Enriching The Fan Experience

The coin will act as a marker status. Thus, it will be even more exciting to be a fan of manga. The creation will involve well-known artists with illustrators and musicians all offering to contribute to the design and the interactive experience.

Public Support

The end goal of the coin is to be the currency that is managed and supported by the public. The public support is part of what will make the coin thrive.

Community Currency

The coin will be launched via an ICO. This means that the company aims for it to be a community currency. It will also be used to get Japanese creations to people globally.

This coin will also make it possible to take part in the making of anime directly and assist in the finding of content that fans actually like. The coin will seamlessly connect the fans with the right bodies in the nation’s content sector. These connections will help the industry thrive.

How Fans Earn and Spend Otaku

Fans can spend or earn Otaku in many ways. To earn, they can simply watch Anime and get rewards. They may also share content and receive content to earn. If fans want to spend Otaku, they can pay for events or shop. Besides that, they may also support a wide array of projects or support creators of anime.

Who Is Behind Otaku?

The Otaku Coin Preparation Committee is developing the Otaku Coin. It is made up of the Tokyo Otaku Mode, advisors, and partners. The CEO and co-founder of this company will create the initial framework. However, it will later change to a decentralized project that runs on the blockchain.

What is Otaku Mode

Also called TOM, the Tokyo Otaku Mode company has the mandate of delivering the latest products and news from music, fashion, games, anime, and manga to fans globally. The company will also design original merchandise and distribute it to customers in over 130 nations globally.

The Future Of Otaku Coin

In the future, you will be able to visit Japan without the need to exchange your currency for yen. It will also make it possible for you to support your favorite animator. This will make it possible for you to produce better content.

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