Otcrit OTC ICO Review

The cryptocurrency market has plenty of interesting investments for people who are only getting to know this market right now. It doesn’t matter if you have entered in the cryptocurrency market “late” because 2018 will be the real year of cryptocurrency. You only have to be sure that you will be prepared but to be sure of this, you can only try to inform yourself about this market as well as you can.

Our blog reviews many investments for you. Some of them are new start-up companies, other are ICOs and launches of products. Today we are going to review a new company that has appeared on our radar called Otcrit OTC.

What is Otcrit?

Otcrit is an online information platform for investors in the cryptocurrency market. The idea is that you pay for the services of the company and then you will have access to authentic information about investments whenever you want. Otcrit is a word from the Bulgarian vocabulary which means transparent and open.

The objective of this company is to build a network of people who will take their time to evaluate investments in the cryptocurrency market in-depth and only select the best projects to be on the site.

This will enable the company to create an environment in which the people who really spend a lot of time will receive something for their effort and sell valuable information to traders and investors.

The company states that the market currently has a lack of in-depth analysis about investments like Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and that its emergence can solve these issues and create an environment which can be highly profitable for all the involved.

How Does Otcrit OTC Work?

The goal of Otcrit is to offer a platform that will be really committed to offering real and valuable information about investment to its users. The subscribers of the company will have access to professional reports on companies that there are interested. These reports will be professional and investor-friendly and, in the case of less experienced investors, they will have versions that will be easier to understand.

The platform will only use material made by the own company or certified partnerships which will be evaluated previously to the partnership. Users will be able to receive discounts on the price of the information if they are active on the community, invite their friends to the platform or use the company’s own tokens to pay for the services instead of other currencies.

This level of attention to detail will ensure that the information bought by the people will be almost 100% useful and trustworthy.

If you are a user of the platform, you will also be able to report your findings of companies and be rewarded for your services. These reviews will obviously not be sold as the professional ones but will serve as a quick and cheap way for investors to know more about companies that they are interested in and for the users to be rewarded with OTC tokens if they are helpful to the community.

There will also be a leaderboard in which the Top 10 users that contributed more (and with better content) to the company will get a share of the profit from sales of user information reports.

The company will have assessment reports, audit result reports, community reports, competition, execution and technical analysis and features like a newsfeed, alarms, events calendars, a market for the OTC cryptocurrency and biometric authentication.

The platform will be launched during the second quarter of 2018 and it will be improved after that.

How to Invest in Otcrit OTC?

To invest in this company you will have to buy its Otcrit OTC tokens during the ICO. The main ICO will only be held during the second quarter of 2018, so, unfortunately, we will have lack some public data to give you a complete advice about this company and about the price of the tokens (but we will update this information in the future).

You will be able to pay for the OTC tokens using ETH and these tokens will act as shares of the company, meaning that you will be able to receive a return on investment for your investment in this company.

The Otcrit OTC ICO Verdict

Is this the right investment for you? It can surely be. The product that Otcrit is offering is something that we always tell our readers that is really important: information. You simply cannot invest well without having information, so a platform like Otcrit can be an excellent investment for you in the future.

This company also offers to pay dividends of the money raised by the company to token holders, which makes this investment even more interesting for you. Investing in Otcrit can be a quite profitable idea, just be informed about how you can buy the tokens of this company as cheaply as possible in the future to improve your return on investment.

If you liked this company, there does not seem to exist many reasons not to invest in Otcrit. The company has an excellent idea, the product that it is offering is very interesting and you will probably get a good return on investment if you invest in this company. Because of this, this can be quite an investment for your portfolio if you choose to invest in Otcrit.

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