OTI is a new innovative and cash free payment solution that is completely automated and will help those people in the automated retail industry and self-serving vending solution that also helps with checkout, IoT and the wearables.

The OTI Europa ASEC Contract with total public transport authority in Warsaw. The new OTI system is designed to give users the option to make 100% cash-free payments that are accepted at many of the major department stores and retail outfitters. Not only that, but you can wear the payment devices on your clothing to easily work at most point of sale merchant payment gateways.

How Does OTI Work?

The system is completely all-inclusive cash free payment system that is designed as a telemetry management system. And more specifically designed for the use at smart vending machines. The OtiPulse Cashless Coin-Op is also designed to be retrofitted at different vending machines and help with the very nature of connectivity.

They will also provide self-checkout Kiosk that operate off the cashless payment systems and connectivity solutions for the purpose of ease for users and merchants alike. PetroSmart is another of the different functions of the system and gives the platform a way to operate with EasyFuel plus a system scalable and automated energy management system, as well as payment solution.

OTI Europa ASEC S.A. is designed to provide easier to use smart card-based platforms that are used for mass ticketing associated with transport systems. And the company accepts a wide variety of cryptocurrencies as well. The company is also hiring for several different positions and areas of operation. They are hiring for members for management teams, regional management teams, directors for the board and for people looking to start a career in several other industries as well.

They offer a lot of different payment solutions and vending payment solutions that are unattended. Not only that, but the platform is ideal for micro market applications and self-service, as well as pulse operated vending machines that typically run off of coins. Also, banking ATMS and gas station usage are other applications that can benefit from the use of the OTI system.

What Is The ICO On OTI?

At this time, there is no ICO on the OTI. The platform is still in early stages of development and will likely be released at some point in time. Hopefully it will be revealed sooner than later, so people who want to get in early and benefit from the substance can do so.

Who Is Behind OTI?

OTI hasn’t disclosed any information about the team behind the company or who is the founder. There isn’t much information on the company or their headquarters ether. And these are unfortunate red-flags that should stop anyone from investing with the company.

OTI In Conclusion

OTI is a company looking to help improve payment systems. They are looking to innovate the way that cashless payment solutions for automated self-service for self-checkout for IoT and wearables and that will make it easier for people to pay for their purchases.

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