OTOL is an online decentralized platform ecosystem that seeks to fulfill the needs of every individual through its “internet of actions” feature. Through the site, users get to participate in various activities/things with better results, through the social blockchain concept.

How Does OTOL Work?

The concept of social blockchain as made by Goodomy for OTOL seeks to empower people into contributing their form of value to the economy, through active participation in typical social activities. According to the developers, when one user makes use of a standard tool, they positively impact the network thus providing an easy avenue for more people to participate. A good example is the use of a telephone to communicate. Through the use of the social blockchain, the Cryptocurrency industry stands to be more personalized hence rewarding in the long run as participants learn to build on trust and transparency. Therefore, in this regard, the more users with blockchain control, the more increase in the industry growth and opportunities within the ecosystem.

Additionally, retail mining activities in the social blockchain enable both business and their respective clients to actively participate in mining activities through the OTOL’s Concept Mining (CoMi), to gain from other participant’s knowledge and extract what’s suitable for their use. Therefore, through this, OTOL users get things done within the shortest time possible. And with the whole domain in place, everyone has the liberty to join thus creating flexibility and enhancing collaboration.

Also, all the OTOL transactions go as Flash Action Tokenization Events (FATE), and they operate on a temporary nature. The reason could be because of people what to take different actions one after the other.  Therefore, users will have to come up with different modules/tokens of operation after the closure and distribution of rewards. The move also eliminates the use of tokens in every activity as some function better without. However, tokenization is central to OTOL activities as it separates the physical transactions to something without physical barriers.

Should I Invest In OTOL?

The use of tokenization in OTOL makes participation in actions much simpler especially when it involves a large population. Users get the motivation to perform well that would in the long-run benefit all participants onboard. Also, using OTOL will be pretty accessible to users, thus giving them the opportunity to make it easier for others as well. For instance, users on OTOL stand to receive incentives for improving the search results for others. You also get the opportunity to create your engaging and action-oriented marketplace that would support any person, at any given place and with whatever they need. Through this, you get the chance to be proactive and innovative not only for yourself but also for others as well.

Also, you benefit from pre-market access at the end of the market offering period. Through this, you get the best deals. Therefore, individuals get to produce assets and extract value from available resources, thus eliminating wastage. In other words, you tokenize your desires to the GOOD of all.

Overall, we find the OTOL idea quite intriguing, and if everything goes as per say, nothing is stopping you from investing if you like the idea.

OTOL Conclusion

OTOL gives users the opportunity to participate in “the internet of Actions” with the good of everyone. And although the information on the website seems a little complex, the concept seems promising thus worth an input.

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