Ouna Token

The blockchain technology is not only affecting the finical markets as it is also shaping the future of various sectors, but even the human resource has not been left behind. Yes, it is true no industry is going untouched this is the change we have all been waiting for, and it is taking effect. The blockchain technology has been able to create an innovative employee assessment and also a recruitment platform this has all been based on the decentralized technology surrounding blockchain.

The platform that has been able to put this in place is OUNA if this is something that has intrigued you read on as we explore what the company is really all about.

How Ouna Works

We have been talking about this new evolution the system and experts that have been put in place to ensure it is a success. But how exactly does it work, or how does the company pull this off?

The assessment that is carried out by OUNA is usually completed in just 15 minutes. Once the candidate has performed the assessment, the company will use the algorithms they have put in place to analyze the assessment results; this can create a very accurate profile for the candidate and can produce an average validity of about 86% in any recruitment process.

At the same time, the system will simultaneously determine the needs that the HR recruiter is actually looking for. From here, the company will search its database for the qualified candidates, and from here it can identify who is the most suitable candidate for the job. Thus, the platform is able to enable near perfection in the matching of a potential employee and employer each time.

So where exactly does the blockchain technology come in? Well, the technology and the various smart contracts help the company in the reduction of intermediates in the whole process. It is from the headhunters to the recruitment agent.

Accordingly, this considerably reduces the costs that are associated with the traditional ways of recruitment.

But this is not all as the candidates also benefit, by finding their dream job and also receiving a few tokens of the company, thus, they are able to be a part of this vibrant community.

Ouna Token ICO Details


  • Token Symbol: OUNA
  • Token Sale Start: June 1st, 2018
  • Total Supply: 2 BILLION
  • Soft Cap: 3,750 ETH
  • Hard Cap: 37,500 ETH

Ouna Blockchain Employee Assessment & Recruitment Benefits

The company OUNA has been considered as the very first peer to peer, blockchain based online recruitment, and assessment platform. The first of its kind one you should consider being a part of. At the heart of this promising company is the Analyzer. It is a pyramidal online assessment tool that has been based on over 15 years’ intensive research.

But this is not all as the company has ensured they have done the necessary testing, this is through there over 100 real-life case studies they have been able to carry out. In the year 2017, the Analyzer was acquired by the company and was immediately fully transformed into the OUNA platform. As a result, this produced the anonymous, global and also decentralized ecosystem in the OUNA platform.

Who Is Behind Ouna?

The company has put in place a team of experts and also enthusiastic professionals to develop the pyramidical assessment methodology and even the related software that surrounds this evolution. The group includes assessment experts, psychologists, internet specialists, statisticians and many more. The company has ensured they have a team in place that can provide the success of this platform.

Ouna Conclusion

The company has truly thought outside the box in finding the most cost-effective and efficient way of matching an employee and employer. So if you are searching for your dream job or you are looking for an employee for your growing company, this is the platform you should be a part of. But this is not all they are offering as they are having a pre-sale on their tokens, something you should definitely purchase.

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