Oyster Web Storage

About Oyster Web Storage

Oyster Web Storage enables websites to silently create traffic revenue from its website visitors. This service creates an economic bridge between content publishers, consumers, storage providers and consumers. The Oyster Web Storage is also releasing an ICO through its PRL Crowdsale.

The Oyster Web Storage Solution

Creative content publishers are suffering because of the advent of advertising blockers and a general disregard to that which ads have to offer. Advertisements have always been a fundamentally weak proposition. They are intrusive, tangential, privacy invasive, and divert from the cleanliness of a website.

Robust, Redundant Data Storage

Documents uploaded via Oyster are saved on the IOTA Tangle. This means that redundant duplicates are saved through the network topology. The Tangle then retains the information.

Dual Ledger Integration

Is used for information retention and Proof of Work negotiation between Nodes. The Smart Contract technology of this Ethereum Blockchain is used to produce Oyster Pearls (the token), therefore activating the unique token Features that enables Oyster to function.

Treasure Hunting Algorithm

Oyster Web Nodes perform Proof of Work to search for embedded Pearls on the Tangle. It is like the way the bee tries to acquire the sweet nectar of a flower, therefore it accidentally pollinates the flower with the pollen on it's body.

Zero Knowledge, Anonymous Storage

Each Uploaded document is assigned a unique code, which functions like a personal seed key. Anyone who has the handle can retrieve the data from the Tangle, even if they were to use their own custom-built script and Tangle Node. Mixer contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain can hide who compensated for the storage.

Open Source, Extendable, & Auditable

The Oyster Protocol is developed in a community driven model with no single point of failure. mesh-net topology and protocol API. This enables an entire class of genuinely decentralized Software to be built; such as principal telephone calling. Anyone can develop clients or extensions without consent from a fundamental figurehead.

Intrinsic Storage-Pegged Value

Oyster Pearls will be the bridge involving the motivation of a user to invest cash on reliably storing data along with the motivation of a site owner to cleanly monetize their net content. The Pearl Token (PRL) is similar to any other coin, It's intrinsically pegged to the market worth of storage prices without needing a book to back this up. The crowdsale price is offered at a fraction of storage prices, therefore early shareholders earn massive profit with low downside risk.

Available Decentralization

Oyster lays the foundations for another decentralized internet. Web Nodes (website visitors) gradually peer to each other as they hunt since they favor low-latency relations with nearby neighbors, the Oyster system becomes a performance-optimized mesh-net. Since web nodes operate fully on JavaScript, Oyster offers developers with access to a decentralized Network through an accessible programming language.

Storage User

A user who spends Oyster Pearls to upload a file


  • Purchase the correct amount of Oyster Pearls into two Broker Nodes.
  • Regardless of automation, has final discretion in selecting that two Broker Nodes to utilize.
  • Encrypt and divide file locally in browser prior to sending parts to chosen Broker Nodes.
  • Verify the integrity of the Data Map installed by Broker Nodes.
  • Securely shop the Oyster Handle to retrieve the document from the Tangle in a later time.


  • Their document is securely, reliably, and anonymously stored.


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