P2P Solutions Foundation P2PS ICO

Authorized to Create a Worldwide Network of Digital Services

This P2P Solutions Foundation P2PS is described as the world’s first digital solutions platform. It was designed with people in mind who have data to store safely and creating the same security in its exchange. When they considered the other platforms for data storage available such as; Google Drive, Dropbox, Alibaba Cloud, etc. the safety and security of your classified information just simply isn’t available.

The security of technology is among the top priorities for people, and it should be. Although technologies have come a long way, the security of such to some degree is still playing catch up. The technology at P2PS, is described as decentralized secure throughout the peer to peer network. And, it uses Block chain technology.

Let’s talk hackers for a moment, not because they deserve much attention to be spoken about versus protected against. The P2P Solutions Foundation (P2PS) works is short like this;

  • Stores your information
  • Divides your information
  • Scatters that information during storage

This way it is practically impossible that your information could ever be hacked, meaning your data is safe and secure. We probably do not need to sell you on the idea of keeping your personal data safe and secure, right?

In short, P2PS is described as ahead of the curve in their specific attention to the details surrounding safety and security of your information. Too often we are hearing reports of hackers, stolen information and more.

In addition, P2PS also wanted to ensure that their platform is always available online.

How Does The P2P Solutions Foundation P2PS Coin Work?

Well, this P2PS Utility token is ideal for anyone who is looking to attain long term return on their investments. They are anticipating returns in the neighborhood of 300% and beyond. By being a part of the P2PS technology, you are joining the digital revolution of the future.

And, keeping with the block chain technology, the P2PS token can be purchased using:

The current standard rates to be involved are:

  • 300 P2PS = 0.06 BTC
  • 300 P2PS = 1 ETH
  • 300 P2PS = 6 LTC

At this time, the minimum purchase of the P2PS token is 50.

The Wiser ICO Rating for the P2PS token is five (5) star and, boats a variety of other above average ratings from other tracking and ICO partners.

More Details On P2P Solutions Foundation P2PS

To elaborate further on the benefits mentioned earlier, this platform is a system that was made with the exchange of confidential and/or classified data in mind. They understand that these digital solutions are necessary, and they were not shy to be the first to bring this technology to the market. Why? Because they get it.

The interference free digital communication platform that works securely, through peer to peer exchange and the first in the world to be recognized on the blockchain-powered arena.

The P2PS is specifically an ERC20 crypto token. This is both a smart contract system and built on the Ethereum blockchain which makes this token easily transferable and allows you to transfer between the various platforms using this technology. It has been smoothly integrated into the exchanges and those getting on board, may very well benefit from the first mover advantage.

A full list and profile of the P2PS team is available on their website along with the partners and the breakdown of token allocations. Since it is probable that the security of your data is a priority, the P2PS token is the right choice.

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Coin Market Cap Price Change 24 Hour Volume
BTC $158.67B $8,932.8898 1.12% $7.72B
ETH $28.42B $266.7647 -1.11% $2.34B
XRP $17.94B $0.4220 2.88% $756.72M
LTC $8.47B $136.0145 -1.02% $857.36M
BCH $7.59B $425.1828 1.07% $322.99M
EOS $6.36B $6.9124 0.24% $966.78M
BNB $4.55B $32.2274 -1.97% $219.76M
BSV $3.72B $208.3094 -1.52% $125.35M
USDT $3.44B $0.9999 -0.47% $7.03B
XLM $2.5B $0.1287 1.64% $95.86M

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