Pacific Affiliate

Pacific Affiliate is a bitcoin pyramid scheme found online at Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is Pacific Affiliate?

Pacific Affiliate describes itself as “a digital advertising platform” specializing in leads and sales generation.

In reality, Pacific Affiliate seems to be a multilevel marketing scheme that’s marketed itself under a number of different names over the years.

Based on all of the information we could find online, Pacific Affiliate – also known as Pacific Ads or Pacific Network – is a Ponzi scheme based out of Malaysia.

The company has no products or services available. As a company affiliate, your only responsibility is to sell Pacific Affiliate memberships. Once you’ve signed up, you can buy “advertising packs”, which just lets you display advertising on the Pacific Affiliate website.

In other words, there’s no real advertising system or leads generation system here. It’s just a Ponzi scheme or cryptocurrency scam. You pay with bitcoin, then watch your money disappear when the Ponzi scheme eventually collapses.

How Do You Make Money With Pacific Affiliate?

Pacific Affiliate doesn’t sell any products or services. The company only sells memberships and advertising packages. Those advertising packages simply display your referral link on the front page of the website – you can’t spend your ad credits on other websites.

Basically, you make money with Pacific Affiliate by signing up, paying money to the company, and then convincing other people to join the scam.

In all likelihood, you’re going to lose money with Pacific Affiliate. However, if you convince enough people to sign up for the scam, then you might make a small amount of money. Nevertheless, there’s no proof that Pacific Affiliate will ever let you withdraw your money. There’s a chance the company could take your deposit and disappear – these Ponzi schemes and pyramid schemes get shut down all of the time.

Pacific Affiliate does have an “Our Products” section, although it just lists 6 different types of advertisements. Again, these ads aren’t linked to any major ad network: they’re just ads on the Pacific network.

Pacific Affiliate Pricing

How much does it cost to join Pacific Affiliate? The company offers three different pricing levels. The more money you give the company today, the higher your ROI will be. Packages include:

  • Silver: 0.0025 BTC, 120% guaranteed ROI
  • Gold: 0.007 BTC, 115% guaranteed ROI
  • Diamond: 0.017 BTC, 110% guaranteed ROI

5% referral commissions are paid on funds invested by personally-recruited affiliates. You can also purchase positions in a matrix cycler. The matrix sizes used in Pacific Affiliate are 2×5 and 3×4. A 2×5 matrix places you at the top of a matrix, with two positions directly underneath you.

Like most bitcoin scams available online today, Pacific Affiliate goes into a ridiculous amount of detail about its positions, compensation, pricing, and opportunity. However, the company doesn’t explain how it actually makes money, or how it can offer guaranteed ROIs of 120% to all investors.

You also need to pay a 0.004287 BTC fee every time you fill a matrix position.

Who’s Behind Pacific Affiliate?

Pacific Affiliate is a Ponzi scheme run by Shakeel Babar. The company is based in Malaysia. was registered on May 22, 2017. The registration was updated on August 14. Other entities involved with the company include Pacific Advertising and Pacific Network.

Our friends at believe that membership in Pacific Ads has recently tanked, which is why Babar recently launched Pacific Affiliate. Like all pyramid schemes, the scheme only lasts as long as new members are falling for the scam. When membership in Pacific Ads tanked, the scheme was at risk of collapsing. Pacific Affiliate is “an attempt to keep both it and Pacific Ads running that much longer.”

“Regardless of how many Ponzi schemes Shakeel Babar launches they will all ultimately collapse.”

When Pacific Affiliate collapses, Babar and a few early adopters will disappear with the majority of the funds, leaving most affiliates with a loss. This is how every pyramid scheme and multilevel marketing scam works. Since payments are assessed in bitcoin, it’s particularly easy for the founders to disappear.

Pacific Affiliate Conclusion

Pacific Affiliate is an offshoot of Pacific Ads. It’s a bitcoin-based Ponzi scheme that requires you to pay to join today, and then convince other people to join the scam. The scam is run by a Malaysian individual named Shakeel Babar. It’s unclear if anyone has ever made any money through this scheme, or if the founder will just disappear with your bitcoin investment.

Ultimately, based on all of the information we can find online, Pacific Affiliate appears to be a blatant scam.

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    My name is Anouar Fadli, I am a representative of Pacific Advertising and Pacific Affiliate Revshare.
    After reading your article, I have only one suggestion.
    Why not meet Shakeel Babar directly on skype, fb messenger or whats app to stop all this polemic about our Revshare.
    It is totally unfair to post your article before talking with the Owner ( who has nothing to hide)…You can ask him anything about this program. He’s kind and totally transparent. All the informations about the external sources of income are not listed on the websites

    In fact I am a beta tester of 2 crypto products that Shakeel will launch in September ( peer to peer buy and sell btc,ltc and dogecoin platform, crypto trading and exchange platform). I have all the links… I mean everything is real…
    Shakeel is creating REAL Crypto SOURCES OF INCOME that will bring revenues for the members of PACIFIC AFFILIATE…

    So PLEASE if you are sincere in your investigation about Pacific Network and Shakeel Babar, join our official fb group

    Thank you
    Anouar Fadli


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