Pactum Capital

What Is Pactum Capital?

Pactum Capital is a company that helps cryptocurrency stakeholders with risk management.

How Does Pactum Capital Work?

The company is a firm that specializes in helping stakeholders in the cryptocurrency industry. They give OTC or over the counter cryptocurrency derivatives to help with risk management. The risk from a price standpoint is sourced from their derivatives book and is managed through the use of a spot price and exchange trade. The derivatives work till an equal and opposing trade is located.

Who Is Behind Pactum Capital?

Andrew Hallengren:

Andrew has achieved his Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of California, San Diego. He started with the management of 3rd party investment accounts way back in 2011. The first company he worked for was Grunion Capital Management. In time he became one of their head traders helped to develop strategies that would take massive advantage of special occurrences. Specifically, he would deal with statistical arbitrage situations.

They would include the volatility of any linked products. They leveraged any ETFs and ETNs. At the same time, Andrew also helped to find the software-based financial company Money Intelligence. It was a software based company around 401(k) plans. Money Intel now manages more than one hundree million in retirement assets.

Daniel Cawrey:

He earned a Bachelor of Science in Information Science from Central Michigan University. His background was primarily in the security sector of IT security. This also included work in power systems and Consumer Energy. They provided more than 6.6 million residents in Michigan with natural gas.

His path started in blockchain technology back in 2013. He was the contributing editor for CoinDesk, which is the largest info-source for blockchain technology in the entire virtual currency industry. Another contribution he made was to Velocity Whitepaper a decentralized concept built on the Ethereum Protocol.

Pactum Capital Conclusion

Not much is known about Pactum Capital, but the founders are apparently well known. Keep an eye on these two and their company, especially if you’re in the cryptocurrency space. They could offer services that help you protect your company.

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