Paddle8 P8Pass Blockchain Art

Those who purchase or sell art always face a typical dilemma – verifying the authenticity of the piece. There is nothing worse than investing in a piece of art that is not verifiable and as a result, buyers need to rely on the seller’s word and their own authentication skills. Fortunately, a new platform has found a solution. The platform, called Paddle8 P8Pass Blockchain Art is a system that provides buyers and sellers with digital certificates that are premised on the blockchain so that every piece of work has a record of authenticity.

What Is Paddle8?

Paddle8 P8Pass Blockchain Art is a new system whereby individuals can acquire and receive digital certificates of authenticity for artwork. The certificates are secured on the blockchain so that users can always keep track of where the work has been. As the platform explains, “we are leveraging public distributed ledger technology to provide a non-alterable record of authenticity for eligible works.” Those who use this platform will also be able to maintain their privacy and information so that they can feel safe and secure throughout the process. This type of system is one-of-its-kind and it may be great for individuals who are interested in maintaining the authenticity of artwork.

Who Benefits From Paddle8 P8Pass?

Before choosing a platform, it is important to consider how wide-ranging the system is. In this case, this platform benefits several groups of people, who are as follows:

Buyers – including consignors, artists, galleries, and partners all benefit from this system. They will be able to verify every piece of artwork they obtain and with that, traditional buyers will feel more confident in making a purchase as well.

By choosing a platform where so many groups benefit, users can feel confident that they are making the right decision for their needs. Very few systems are as adequate and authentic.

How P8Pass Blockchain Art Ownership Certificates Works

It is also useful to understand how a platform works. In this case, the platform starts with the certification process. The platform generates a P8Pass for eligible works on the platform. Then, provenance information is encrypted and stored with the CIDOC (Conceptual Reference Model). This model is a standardized method for describing art that is employed by galleries, museums, and cultural heritage institutions.

Next, the platform provides verification. As the platform mentions, each P8Pass is encoded publicly on the bitcoin blockchain. Each distributed ledger is entrusted with over 200,000 transactions on a daily basis. Anyone who uses the blockchain will be able to verify the certificate by looking at the blockchain address. The good news is that all private and sensitive data is kept that way.

Lastly, the platform also has a security mechanism. The data encoded on the blockchain cannot be altered the moment P8Pass has been confirmed. Further, changes or updates to the information are recorded as new transactions and the new owner can receive the piece securely.

How To Get Paddle8 P8Pass?

Getting P8Pass is easy as well. Those who are interested in getting this system for works that they win at an auction should look for the P8Pass icon. Further, users can reach out for support by emailing the platform. The email is available on the platform’s website.

Paddle8 Summary

Ultimately, Paddle8 P8Pass Blockchain Art is a unique, interesting, and impactful platform that can help users get the support they need when purchasing and selling artwork. The platform is also very easy to get started with. All users need to do is to visit the platform’s website and browse through to the area that is most relevant to them.

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