PagareX PGX

The new PagareX platform comes with lots of programs and features as well as its own cryptocurrency.

What is PagareX?

The young company is aiming to use blockchain technology and it’s own cryptocurrency for a large variety of services and products. Simply put, it will be a self-regulating financial system which will provide multiple investment opportunities and independence to investors. With just releasing their own token, PagareX is working continuously to build a large peer community.

PagareXs goal is clearly stated on their site:

It is true that many cryptocurrencies incorporate blockchain technology, several of them don’t use it to the best of its abilities. However, it’s the PagareX vision that investors have total control over their finances.”

The secret here will be the close incorporation of the peer-to-peer community that the company wants to build up. As cryptocurrencies and blockchain make it possible, the financial freedom for all PagareX investors comes through not involving any third parties, like banks or other financial institutions. As all products and services are decentralized, investing will made safe.

All users and investors that use the platform will have a number of options to make their investments, which can potentially increase coin value. These opportunities include mining, lending, trading, or staking.

How Does PagareX Work?

There are multiple ways to make investments with the PagareX platform.


The lending program that is offered by PagareX can be used to “lend” the PagareX coin called PGX – users can lend it to the PagareX trading bot and volatility software. The companies trading bot trades with various cryptocurrency coins. When lending, the profits will be split between you and the trading bot.

PagareX PGX ICO Commision

As a participant of the PagareX ICO, there will be a referral commission coming into effect. There won’t be a bounty program available with the companies ICO. Alternatively, the company will have a referral commission via affiliate marketing as an opportunity to give back to the community.

A fast-growing community will help to increase the value of the PGX coin and each user is able to go through 10 different levels, depending on the ICO referrals they can bring to the site. The higher their level, the higher the referral commission


PGX can be traded 24/7 and are limited to 35.000.000 PGX. Due to the tokens scarcity and the, hopefully, increase in demand the company is positive about the tokens increase in value as well. The PGX token is not listed on the major exchanges yet.


Stalking is the action of holding your coins in an open wallet and receiving fees for it. It does eliminate the need to spend money for mining hardware or investing your time in trading activities.


The company also offers mining with their own PGX system which is suitable for beginners and cryptocurrency experts. The PagareX team has designed a costume mining algorithm that can be used with any device.


With a referral link, users of PagareX can invite friends or colleagues to use the platform as well and earn commissions through this. This can happen through social media, email or any other online platform, the more people sign up through the referral link, the more coins can be earned. PagareX offers a unique affiliate program on up to 10 levels.

Internal Exchange

The site has its internal exchange which makes it possible to use all programs and earn PGX as well as trade them all on the same platform. You can purchase your first PGX with Bitcoin through the exchange and convert them back to Bitcoin if needed.

PagareX PGX Token Details

The sites ICO starts January 17th, 2018 with a hard cap of 7,000,000.

  • Total Supply: 35,000,000
  • ICO: 7,000,000
  • Max ICO Commission Coins: 1,400,000
  • Decimal Places: 8
  • Mining Pool: Yes
  • Algorithm: x11
  • POW Block Reward: 10

Token Distribution

  • Partnership program: 1 820 000
  • For Sale: 7 000 00
  • For Miners: 26 180 000
  • Consensus Mechanism: POW, POS
  • Minimum Stake Age: 1 Day
  • Maximum Stake Age: 14 Days
  • Coin Base Maturity: 50 Blocks
  • Total POW Block: 262800
  • POW Block Reward: 10 PGX
  • Block Spacing: 5 minutes
  • Backoffice Open: 26.12.2017
  • ICO: 02.01.2018
  • Price: 1 USD
  • Time Zone: London

Revenue Distribution

  • Community (Affiliate Program)26%
  • Development: 30%
  • Legal: 10%
  • Maintenance & Support1%
  • Advertising: 30%
  • Investors: 3%

PagareX PGX Verdict

PagareX is a site with a lot of services and programs, aiming to combine all of what is possible with digital currency and blockchain technology these days. Investing in new companies is excited, we still advise to read the whitepaper and do some research before engaging yourself in investments. We are keen to watch how PagareXs ICO will go.

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