Cryptocurrency can be a volatile industry, although not many are willing to admit it. After all, if one looks closely at crypto, they’ll realize that its value is highly dependent upon the interest that individuals have on trading the currency. More importantly, for cryptocurrency to continue growing, it is imperative that it is adopted on a global scale as well.

The more people who adopt crypto and trade it, the more valuable the currency becomes. One particular platform realizes these qualities. Called PaidX, this platform is specifically designed to effectuate the payment process for crypto. After all, as previously mentioned, the more trades, the more valuable crypto becomes.

What Is PaidX?

PaidX is a platform that functions to bridge the gap in payment processing using cryptocurrencies. The platform calls itself “the future of money” and its qualities indicate that it may very well be. As the platform explains, it provides those who use cryptocurrency with “direct access” and it ensures the efficiency and security of the blockchain system as well. With the flawless integration of this platform into one’s payment methods, users will be able to ensure that their cryptocurrency is actually used for something other than investing.

How Does Paid X Work?

Before choosing a platform, it is important to understand how it works. this way, individuals can determine whether it is right for them and their needs. In this case, Paid X effectuates a two-way transaction between the platform’s patented NFC contactless Point of Sale terminal and the smartcard on one’s phone.

The platform notes that those who utilize this system will “now have the ability to use over 14 different cryptocurrencies across all participating merchants through a triple layer secure transaction.” As users can tell, this platform is designed to ensure that the payment processing not only takes place, but that it is safe and secure as well.

paidx homepage

The Features of Paid X

There are several features associated with Paid X that make it into the payment processing system that it is. Here are a few of the main features of this platform so that users know what to look forward to:

  • Send and Receive

    First, those who use this platform will be able to send and receive digital currencies. The transaction process takes places through a secure Peer to Peer environment. Further, the transactions take place in real-time and because there is no intermediary, there is no wait period as well.

  • Merchants

    Second, the platform is also useful for merchants. As the platform mentions, merchants will benefit from “fictional charge on goods and services” alongside from the potential of future token gains. With these qualities, shoppers will have the opportunity to purchase and sell currencies through a physical environment.

  • NFC Contactless Point of Sale Machine

    Third, the platform features a mechanism whereby all payments are processed through a patented Paid X system that operates between a smartphone or smartcard and a mobile retail point of sale. This way, both the merchant and the buyer are able to enjoy from the quick outcomes of the transaction.

  • Loyalty and Community Rewards

    Fourth, the platform offers merchants the opportunity to easily track and manage their loyalty and community rewards. With these types of programs in place, customers have the incentive they need to stay loyal to the brand.

  • Various Paid X Solutions

    Finally, the platform has various solutions that merchants and users can take advantage of during the transaction process. For example, the platform offers Paid X Trade, Paid X Easy, and Paid X Inspire. Each of these mechanisms is discussed on the brand’s website in more detail.

Clearly, there are various qualities associated with this platform that make it a stellar go-to solution for payment processing and purchasing – not only for merchants, but for sellers as well. It is also important to note that this system is completely secure. The platform takes great measures to ensure that users and their transactions do not run into any issues in the process. This way, users can feel confident with the platform and its capabilities.

Investing In Paid X With Tokens

Those who are interested in Paid X and what it has to offer may want to take their interest a step further by actually investing in the platform. The platform identifies several advantages associated with investing in it, which are as follows:

  • A lifeline concept for blockchain and cryptocurrency industries
  • Technology pegged with adoption growth
  • A tested concept with proof of product reality
  • An opensource system
  • Limited distribution of tokens
  • A project ahead of an ongoing roadmap

Currently, the platform its offering its token at a pre-ICO sale and for 40% off as well. The sale takes place starting May 14 and individuals can register on the brand’s website. The registration process is quick and those who believe in the concept may find themselves making the right investment. There are also several rounds of sales taking place as well and the dates are identified on the brand’s website.

PaidX ICO Conclusion

Overall, those who are interested in a unique, interesting, and quality platform that understands the reality of cryptocurrencies and blockchain and that works to correct the payment issues associated with these industries may want to give Paid X a chance. To learn more about this platform and to get started with the system and the pre-token sale, just visit the platform’s website today.

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