What Is Pallium?

The Pallium Network is a platform created to store, teach and deploy artificial intelligence (AI) models in a decentralized environment. This platform uses its own blockchain technology, a blockchain called Myelin.

This platform is all about the utilization of blockchain technology to create better AI. As the market is currently using AI more, the platform was created to ensure that quality products would be made by the market in a decentralized way.

As AI starts to be a trend, most predictions state that most of the businesses will start to use it during the next decade. Because of this, it would be a mistake not to invest in this type of technology right now.

The market, according to the Pallium Network, predicts that smart gadgets like cars and wearables that use the “internet of things” will become more common until the end of the year. The time for AI is right now.

What Problems Does Pallium Seek To Solve?

The AI industry is facing some problems at the moment and Pallium Network intends to help the industry to solve these problems like the fact that developing AI models often requires robust resources and many small devs do not have the facilities to do it. Also, training the AI is very hard and it requires lots of data (with quality), so there is also the access problem.

There are not many platforms that help developers to monetize AIs and to store the models. Because of this, this company intends to solve all of these problems on this platform. AI is not easy to develop and to train, so the company intends to create the exact resources that people need and ask an affordable price for them.

This platform was created for developers who want more resources than they actually can get at the moment without having to pay a lot for this structure. Pallium Network was built to help developers, miners, IPU hardware suppliers, people who work with data and AI companies that want to create better products.

How Pallium Crypto Coin Analysis & Outlook Works

By being a decentralized artificial intelligence incubator, Pallium offers everything that you need to create and teach AI and machine learning systems. It uses a P2P network that allows the users of the network to exchange information and computer resources, a monetization model that cuts the middlemen and it creates a market for people to sell the AI that they created.

Also, this company has an effective protocol to be used in AI and it has created a “habitat” in which the trained AI models can be tested and improved. The main idea behind what makes Pallium Network works is that it created intelligent agents. These agents are the sum of an aI model, smart contracts and a state. They all work together to create an environment in which the AI can learn better.

For developers and researchers, the company offers the platform to create an AI model using the TensorFlow library system, which enables the user to create a model of any level of complexity, train an AI model, store it and create scalable complex systems that can be used as models for greater projects.

Organizations can profit from using the services of these companies by using AI to track the results of their work, constructing systems for the company that are run my multiple AI models and the whole structure of their business. For miners, it provides different methods for the monetization of their jobs and allows data providers to monetize the data that they provide.

Pallium PLMT Tokens ICO Details

The PLMT tokens are the money that will be used to power this network. Companies will have to use these tokens to access the services and they will also be used for the sales that will be made inside the network.

The tokens are based on Ethereum, but the platform will use the Myelin blockchain to work, using the ERC20 standard of the Ethereum network only as the model for the tokens.

Sales of tokens have already started and they will last until the end of May. The price per token is 5000 PLMT for 1 ETH or 1 PLMT for 0.0002 ETH.

Pallium Conclusion

If you’re interested in AI, you will surely have a certain interest in this company. There are many AI blockchain platforms coming out this year because these two technologies are booming. If you are a developer, you should certainly read the White Paper of the company with attention to know if this platform might help you in your next project.

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