Pandex promises to pay daily profits every day, guaranteed, with no risk or effort required. Find out if it’s a scam or a legitimate investment opportunity today in our review.

What Is Pandex MetaTrader4?

Pandex, found online at, claims to be an investment company that provides “profitable capital investment, guaranteed income in the short term, [and] daily payouts.”

You sign up online, deposit money, and the company will magically turn it into more money. Pandex claims that investors can expect returns of 700% or more every 50 days – guaranteed.

Pandex never explains how it makes money. The company doesn’t offer any products or services. It doesn’t claim to solve any real world problems. They vaguely mention some type of investing strategy “designed by the most successful market leaders.” However, there’s no proof this marketing strategy exists. As far as we can tell, Pandex has never paid any investors anything close to its advertised returns.

Everything on the Pandex MetaTrader4 website points towards this being a scam. Let’s take a closer look at how it works.

How Does Pandex Work?

You sign up for Pandex online at Then, you deposit money using credit cards, bitcoin, Payeer, Advcash, and other conventional payment methods.

Pandex has four different investment funds available, including funds for cryptocurrencies, NASDAQ, LME (non-ferrous metals), and SGX (Singapore’s stock market).

All of these funds advertise returns exceeding those of the best hedge funds on the market today. The company promises to deliver returns of 724.32% on its cryptocurrency fund, for example, and returns of 410.7% on its NASDAQ fund.

Pandex doesn’t even advertise these returns as annual returns: instead, they promise returns like that within just 25 to 50 days.

That’s right: Pandex claims it will multiply your money 7 times over, every 50 days, guaranteed. The only “catch” is that you need to pay the company a minimum of $100 to $5,000.

These funds are purportedly led by “top traders”, including Geng Xao (a “top trader” in cryptocurrencies), Jason Smith (a stock trading specialist), and David Green (an expert in non-ferrous metal trading). None of these people seem to exist – and they’re certainly not well-known experts in their respective fields.

If you needed more proof that Pandex MetaTrader4 is a scam, consider the fact that it also has a pyramid scheme-style referral structure. If you find someone saying good things about Pandex online, it’s most likely because they want you to sign up through their affiliate link.

Who’s Behind Pandex MetaTrader4?

The company claims that it’s been operating for many years. In reality, however, the website was registered in 2016. The website is registered to a Kingstown, St Vincent-based woman named Sharleen Lewis. Pandex also claims to be authorized by financial authorities in St. Vincent and the Grenadines under registration number 23149.

Meanwhile, a separate address on the official website lists an address in Tokyo, Japan. The company’s About Us page claims Pandex was formed in 2001 when the two largest stock exchanges in Osaka and Kyoto merged. The company was owned by Minoru Mori, described as “a Japanese billionaire”.

That “About” page also claims that Pandex is “among the biggest exchange players in the world”, with an annual financial turnover of $3.84 billion.

Pandex’s website also features multiple contact methods, including a phone number (+81345720702), a Skype address (info_680345) and an email address ([email protected]).

Ultimately, Pandex has more transparency than most investment schemes we see online today. Nevertheless, it’s hard to verify any of this information. Google searches for Pandex reveal virtually no information about the company. Mori was a legitimate Japanese billionaire known for his real estate development. However, we can find no connection between Pandex and Mori.

Ultimately, it’s hard to believe the company we see today was once a multi-billion dollar organization.

Pandex MetaTrader4 Conclusion

Pandex MetaTrader4 appears to be a high yield investment program (HYIP) scam that promises unrealistic returns with no risk, skill, or work required. You just send the company a bunch of money, and they’ll give you 724.32% every 50 days – guaranteed.

There’s no proof that Pandex has ever paid anybody. The website also says some bizarre things about how it was once a multibillion dollar Japanese conglomerate – but has since dropped to become a lowly internet pyramid scheme.

Based on everything we can see online today, Pandex MetaTrader4 is a scam that you should absolutely avoid. When someone advertises guaranteed returns of 700% or higher every 50 days online, it’s a 100% sign you’re being scammed every time.

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  1. All the info you provided as to who they are seem to make sense however, I would like to point out some things I’d like you to re-check. Look at their “Investment Page” again; it doesn’t seem to say offering 700% in 50 days. It shows: 1 month: 43.78% 6 months: 263.15% 1 Year: 520.55% In total: 725.05%
    and then: Investment amount: from$ 5000 Term of the work: 50 Days. It could be that the contract ends in 50 days and then the investor can re-invest each time for a compounding effect? What you think?

    In terms of what they offer, I believe they are a brokerage and people can register with them to trade on their own with Shares or currency or have the company trade for you by putting your capital into Asset Management.

    The rest of the article is good; just those two pointers need to by re-checked.


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