Pantercon—the Next-generation Startup and Business Network

Capital is one of the biggest barriers for a startup venture, which can determine the success or failure of a company. Pantercon is a private company that embraces “PanterX”as the token in order to get capital for various developments. The Company is just a startup that is beginning with an idea.

It creates a platform on which the startup founders are facilitated with innovative and future-oriented ideas and thus obtain capital without having to go to the bank or the crowd funding platforms. They do not need to spend a fortune in an ICO. Pantercon focuses on helping startups achieve their goals of becoming global companies.

Problem Identified

Getting a loan to start up a company is in most cases difficult without security; it may also require equity capital, which doesn’t exist in many instances. There are several other options that founders could consider when raising capital and crowdfunding is one of them. Crowdfunding is rapidly growing in the recent past and on looking closely, the crowdfunding system has many flaws that may not favor many entrepreneurs.

For one to get high investment amounts they have to show the probability of making it in the market, and this may make it even more costly. Also when not drawn specifically, a business plan is costly. All the hurdles that founders face when starting up is what the company seeks to eliminate.

The Solution From Pantercon

Pantercon has committed to giving the startups the support they need to be successful. The support will be in the form of innovative, future-oriented ideas at the founding time. They will also have their original idea, which they should outline clearly in their whitepaper. If the idea is accepted and Pantercon is convinced that it is viable with a promising future, then they receive the seed capital.

The startups will also be published on the Pantercon website, which is considered as free promotion for the startup. The startups will repay the amount given to them based on an agreement and when they start making sales. The repaid money will help to jumpstart other startups and the cycle will continue. In addition to startup capital, the startups will also receive services such as web and graphic design, which will make life easier for them.


Re-invention of Co-operate Finance

Pantercon has changed the way financing is done in the corporate world. They have brought in a solution that makes it easy and convenient for startups to be founded and financed.

Minimal Risk

The money that the investors will give to the Panterncon will not be channeled to only one project, thus it is difficult for an investor to lose all their investment due to failure of one project.

Use of Hydra –hybrid Blockchain

The platform will be using a combination of public and private blockchain where side chains are used in the implementation.


The tokens are distributed evenly with 50% of the tokens being reserved for sale. The remaining 50 % of the tokens are kept for the long-term development of Panterncon and the projects that are directly under them.

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