Panther Gold Mining

What Is Panther Gold Mining?

Even at first glance and no experience in the industry, it would be easy to see that there is a major scam vibe going on with this website. It’s an investment lending platform that isn’t much more than that. The website is bright, flashy and doesn’t contain much information, so this review will be short.

How Does Panther Gold Mining Work?

The company Panther Gold Mining LTD is apparently a gold mining and exploration company. But they consider themselves to be completely opportunistic, which is why they are looking for other ways to make money in the natural resources industry because of their typically high ROI.

The company promises to be very well financed as well as managed. They have a ton of experience in the selling, buying, exploration and development of all minerals and precious resources. The company is designed to be a great place for people to invest into, regardless of their experience and it’s also said to be stable as can be.

The company is legally registered in the UK. And it uses DDOS protection to mitigate any type of attacks made on users of the platform. The domain has also been used for five yeas time with a name lock to stop any type of hackers or fraud attacks.

What Is The ICO On Panther Gold?

They don’t really go into detail about it. All they do is show the number of people who’ve started with the platform and how much money they have apparently made. Referrals also pay out a 10% commission to the person who refers the new user. It’s basically a scam-oriented affiliate program, which is the real way that people are making money with the platform.

Who Is Behind Panther Gold Mining?

There is no information as to who is on the platform or behind the scenes. They also provide nothing about the location of the headquarters accept that they are in the UK supposedly. Both of these factors are high security risks for would be investors. And they should be enough to deter anyone from actually investing with the company.

Panther Gold Mining Conclusion

The company seems to be an obvious scam, it’s following pretty much all of the same standards of Ponzi schemes that are commonly popping up recently. If you want to make money with cryptocurrency, the best thing you can do is find a legit website or company that already has a trusted track record.

As for Panther Gold Mining, hold off before investing with them and see exactly what they have going on in the near future. You could save yourself a lot of time, money and energy instead of investing with them and losing everything.

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