The Papereum project seeks to stir the much-needed change in the Cryptocurrency sector. According to the developers, it aims to create a pyramid-like art installation, which will display the constant growth of Cryptocurrency interest in various marketplaces. All these will then get a display slot in modern art galleries across the globe.

How Papereum Blockchain CryptoCollectible Art Works

Individuals showing interest in this project will have to purchase tokens to participate. The tokens will then be useful later on, during the summer art wok exhibitions as they get to exchange them for a percentage of installation exchanges. The amount they receive depends on their Papereum share.

The installation process of this projects involves the assembling of two hundred boxes of cryptomania to come up with seven layers. The boxes come with 500 individual worksheets that individuals get to exchange for Papereum tokens at a rate of one for one. Also, the use of automatic numbering machines in the manual naming process leaves no room for mistakes as the number provision remains unique with no repeat chances. According to the developers, once the marking of sheets is complete, all papers get postings on Instagram with open access to all investors and public. The move seems smart in curbing manipulation and corrupt deals.

Additionally, the site will have in place a computer that will act as the guideline for its users. The device will display update of the Papereum price index, market cap, and historical chart. Since the project is short-term (in 2018), token owners stand to get parts of it at the division process that will take place at the end of the worldwide tour. Through this, they get to pride themselves with the participation of the first ever Cryptocurrency mania in 2018.

Papereum PPRM Token ICO Details

Investors of this project get a stress-free access to the token contract that will undergo thorough scrutiny before publishing. The step seeks to ensure transparency at every angle while keeping all interested parties on the know-how. Also, the Papereum token (PPRM token) is readily convertible and takes the form of ERC20 and ERC721. The token distribution includes a 93% distribution to the community, 5% media support and 2% to the team. If it goes according to plan, then investors stand to gain more.

Furthermore, token holders gain from the reassurance of utility back up with the use of valuable art objects in art gallery exhibitions across the world. And since the site operates on an Ethureum system, the security of all token purchases in a guarantee.

Nevertheless, there are still a few issues that make this project unfavorable to investors. For instance, the success of it heavily depends on the crowdsales. The same case applies to the exhibition tours. Therefore, in simple words, the whole project could fail to take off if things don’t turn out well. Also, there is no guarantee on how they turn out to this exhibitions tours would turn out. And with no protective measures in place for token holders, you might end up with little returns or nothing.

Papereum Conclusion

While the global Cryptocurrency market attracts new investors on a daily basis, some of them turn out to be mere spectators. The Papereum project might seem like an excellent idea from the outside, but there is no guarantee of success. Therefore, you should be aware of the risks involved before committing.

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