Anatoly I. Papusha is a world-famous scientist, a Laureate of the State Prize of the USSR, Doctor of Technical Sciences, and a scientist. In the 80s, the world’s most powerful rocket engine was created for the Buran space program. To test the engine, A.I. Papusha was part of the group that created the largest combustion chamber in the world.

The new rocket engine released a jet of gases that contained about a ton of carbon monoxide each second. For 180 seconds, the engine could produce as much CO gas as is produced by all vehicles in Moscow in a day. However, A.I Papush came up with an innovation that reduced the emission of CO from 1000kg to just 1Kg per second.

For his achievement, he was given the State Prize of the USSR. The invention he created has various applications. The most important is in the area of processing oil residues and producing liquid fuels such as gasoline, kerosene, and diesel. The main area of the development of this project has already been completed. A.I. Papusha has already patented the technology. If it was adopted globally, it might help to save the ecology of the earth.

Challenges Papusha Seeks To Solve

Right now, the world is awake to global warming. Everyone is aware that the ecology of the world is in a bad state. There is still a lot that needs to be done to save the world. This will ensure that there is a good world for coming generations.

All nations have refineries, which face the issue of storage and utilization of the residue. The current residue rates are about 20%. That means for every million barrels, there are about a million barrels of residue created.

Most refineries will usually have a surrounding storage, which contains a huge mass of black waste that pollutes the earth. Each day, this waste continues to grow. The current solutions for processing this waste are too expensive and have a low impact. Besides that, the payback period for existing methods is quite drawn out.

The Papusha Blockchain Rocket & Space Fuel Oil Technology Solution

A.I. Papush intends to bring about new technology that will change the world. This project will utilize transonic combustion, which will eliminate toxic residues. Via modifications of inventions created by A.I Papush, it will be possible to extract valuable products like kerosene, diesel, and synthetic oil.

The PRT unit that has been developed has small dimensions, reliable, high efficiency, and a low payback period. This small PRT unit will have an output of up to 60% liquid fuel. There is simply no competitor to this technology in the world. There has already been a lot of interest expressed by major oil refineries in the world. A single PRT unit costs about $950,000 USD, which is many times less than what other less efficient units cost. The payback period has been estimated at about 7 months.

Papusha PRT Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Private Sale: June 1 – July 25
  • ICO: July 25 – September 25
  • Token Ticker: PRT
  • Standard: ERC20
  • Hard Cap: 13,500 ETH
  • Total tokens: 100 000 000
  • Tokens for sale: 75%
  • Price: 1 ETH = 3500 PRT

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