Parachute8 Token ICO

What is Parachute8?

Parachute8 is now getting ready for the launch of their pre-ICO sale. It is a platform that operates with proprietary algorithms to help provide security for any individuals or companies who are involved with the company.

The platform is built on the new blockchain technology that is designed to use Smart Contracts to secure any personal information, thereby providing any users with a private key. Users are completely in control of their data when it comes to Parachute 8 apparently.

How Does Parachute8 Work?

The team at Parachute8 has recently announced much about their ICO that is pending launch as of now. They have a whitepaper that is also available on the company website. And Parachute 8 also is developed to give specific solutions for businesses as well individuals who want to reach a level of personal sovereignty in the digital ecosystem.

And the company also helps to specialize in the creation of tools for the decentralized network as well as managing identity and privacy in the virtual world. They will achieve this using the powerful blockchain technology and give clients a total control of privacy, ownership and their own personal information.

The company Parachute 8 will also have a set of proprietary algorithms that can provide security to individuals and companies who are looking to keep their information safe. And the customers will also be able to choose how their information is stored and accessed.

There is a conduit for customers care that is in regard to every part of information that is sent to third parties. Whether it’s legal or medical records doesn’t matter, even personal identification and preferences for lifestyle is a way for the user to send information through a Smart Contract. Users can count on all info being updated in real-time.

And for the first time ever in history, through a secure and private key, there is the potential for people to hit personal freedom in a natural way. It’s important to note that people stay in ownership for their personal information. The concept has been in different creative stages for almost two years now and the company is also ready to bring the system to their public.

The company is preparing to disrupt the industry, something that has supposedly been needed for a long time. Most of the people who are involved are starting to take notice. And with all the major cases of people suffering from identity theft with the guarantee of secure information. It’s becoming clear that there are too many data breaches at this moment. Parachute8 is taking the mission on to make a secure virtual experience for people all over the globe.

There has been a major problem when it comes to the issue of privacy. And it seems that the issues are only getting worst day by day. Parachute 8 has created a new way for users to protect themselves without being completely removed. A lot of people are starting to hear about blockchain technology. But very few of them have any idea of what is actually going on.

They are at the forefront of creating technology designed to benefit the users. They’ve seen a lot of data being shared without people even realizing they are doing it. And in a lot of cases, there is data that is used to create false predictions. Parachute 8 is ready to bring order and true levels of privacy and security.

The lack of privacy currently at large is hitting hard into the digital world. It’s a problem that needs to be addressed and solved as soon as possible. As of now, it’s a big moment in the history of blockchain technology and it’s vital to the world that the needed steps are taken to protect people’s data.

Most people feel helpless when it comes to keeping themselves safe online because of the simplicity of seeing someone’s identity. And when people notice their information has been compromised, they’re usually a day late and a dollar short. Parachute 8 is looking to create a platform that is based on transparency and communication.

Parachute8 Token ICO Conclusion

The pre-sale ICO of Parachute8 is about to begin, it’s a great time to get in on the launch of the new startup and concept that is giving freedom to people’s personal data. The early users who come in will be able to get some serious discounts. Anyone getting involved with the company will be doing so at the ground floor.

Parachute8 is a platform designed to help disrupt identity management throughout every sector, and if you’re interested in learning more or getting involved with them – go to to learn more. There is a whitepaper and other information you can download to figure out if Parachute8 is right for you.

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