As the blockchain technology continue to make history, so do the massive increase in the number of fields where this technology is worth applying in. The main reason for these handsome applications stems out of the fact that blockchain brings forth scalability, transparency, and efficiency that didn’t exist before.

In fact, a more significant percentage of these projects are centered on new architectures and algorithms that are either an expansion of the previous ones or totally brand-new. Take the case of a new paradigm and platform like using tokens in an alternative virtual economy like in the gaming industry!

What Is Parsec Frontiers?

Parsec Frontiers is building an enormous multiplayer online gaming platform powered by a virtual blockchain-based in-game currency called Parsec Credits [PARSEC]. Players will battle it out by exploring the Milky Way galaxy, mine, and trade their ‘loot,’ make better and more advanced objects, attack each other and ship goods. The essence of the decentralize blockchain ledger is to offer a safe, transparent platform for reliable storage of all in-game resources as well as uber-fast confirmation of transactions.

A Little About PARSEC

  • Blockchain-based tokens used to buy precious items within the gaming platform.
  • Tradable in some major global exchanges.
  • Will enable verification of resources and player items within the little economy.
  • Meant for seamless transactions and profits.
  • Gives the resources intrinsic value.

Will Parsec Frontiers Be A Hit Or A Miss?

If its developers succeed in combining it with Ethereal, Parsec Frontiers will undoubtedly be a transparent goods chain with open access for cost, speed, storage, and capacity. It will then be a scalable and cost-effective gaming platform. But we know so far is, it will be on the 4x genre of online games with components of the persistent virtual sandbox on which gamers will be free to explore and colonize.

The best thing about Parsec Frontiers is different reasons for buying virtual goods that will compel participants to spend their tokens. Also, social interaction amongst gamers will also form a significant part of the success of this game. More extended moments spent playing online will mean the creation of a stronger psychological and emotional bond.

Will The Parsec Frontiers Galaxy Blockchain Game Be Paused?


Incredible, the game will be ‘owned’ by the community of players, and once it starts, there will be nothing to pause it. That’s to say, all actions the player may have initiated will go on even when he’s offline. Spacecraft will go on to their destinations, research works and manufacture of new warfare will keep on unabated, similar to mining and exploration.

However, a player wishing not to miss any milestone may configure notification settings and receive timely texts of email alerts. It’s incredible!

Parsec Frontiers PRSC ICO Details

Parcec Frontiers has their own token named PRSC. This is an ERC-20 compatible coin based on the Ethereum blockchain. You will be able to purchase the PRSC token during the crowdsale which is to be announced on their website.

Parsec Frontiers Will Definitely Be A Massive Hit

Though Parsec Frontiers is set to be unleashed on a segmental basis, its growth will obviously be in tandem with the community of passionate gamers it will create. It will start right at the original exploration period, enter the inter-stellar civilization and goes on to the final release.


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