PATH Network ICO

What is the Path Network?

The Path Network is a brand-new platform that is claiming to be the platform to redefine internet visibility. They will achieve this through the use of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

As of right now, the private token presale is now LIVE. You can learn more about the company by reading this article or by checking out the whitepaper on the company website at Path.Network. They also have accounts on Telegram and Github, both of which offer an inside look into the dynamics of Path.

How Does the Path Network Work?

The company is powered by blockchain technology and has advanced network intelligence. Path is really attempting to change the game by improving the uptime and performance monitoring industry. And not only that, but it’s doing all of it through the use of blockchain technology and the ultra-powerful smart contracts.

Path also uses advanced analytic tools, combined with sophisticated monitoring nodes to give never before seen worldwide coverage as well as insight into website data that cannot be replicated. The network uptime and performance are also said to be un-paralleled performance.

Path mining nodes are one of the innovations on the platform. When users get started, they install a transparent, non-resource-oriented path mining node that runs with the help of a simple to install web browser plugin, mobile phone app, or a OS if you’re using Linux.

The monitoring service uses the tokens for the platform called PATH for different performance monitoring analytics, services, and uptime operations through the system panel. Tokens are rewarded to people for completing the different monitoring tasks that are aggregated on the platform panel.

The nodes are designed to be ultra-light and easy to perform on any platform. Users basically exchange their Path tokens to get uptime and analytical services. The path for mining is totally transparent and lightweight, taking up almost no space and installing simply as a browser plugin. The mobile app is the same way and operates just like a normal phone app would.

The solutions the Path platform offers is uptime monitoring from anywhere in the world. Along with analytics to track performance and testing services for making sure that your site is operation correctly. You’ll get instant notifications if something is amiss or your services are affected negatively.

You can use the platform to see where the traffic is coming from and going to on your site, as well as the hop to hop pages and BGP routing and monitoring as well. This will help to monitor and avoid errors, BGP hijacking and route changes.

Lastly, you can monitor and watch DDOS to gain an outside perspective as well as DNS monitoring to look for availability, resolution time, and record mapping. There’s a full-on road map on the company website as well.

What is the ICO of the Path Network?

At this point, there is no ICO listed on the actual website. It may be in the whitepaper, but I haven’t seen it. It’s also possible that it hasn’t been released yet, but could be soon enough.

Who is Behind the Path Network?

The company has been featured on some of the most popular websites in the world, like Inc. Yahoo Finance, Tech Crunch, Hacker Noon, Tech Bullion and Starter Pad. The company was founded and run by the CEO Bryant Townsend. He has a major, verified LinkedIn Account and is considered to be a serial Entrepreneur. He is also an industry leader and USC Marshall graduate that has also been an avid cryptocurrency investor since way back in 2012.

He is seeking to make a long-lasting impact on the internet via Path and making it more transparent than ever before. Along with him, there are seven other people on the team who are working with him. They are a mix of technical developers, sales professionals, cryptocurrency specialists, and marketing/PR reps.

Along with the team, there are seven outside advisors who are helping the Path Project move forward as well. Each of the advisors is primarily from the tech space and looking to help make sure Path doesn’t get in any unnecessary hang-ups.

PATH Network ICO Conclusion

Path Network is on the way to making the internet a more honest place. As to when the ICO will start is still yet to be seen. The team is operating with transparency, and the major players have verified social media accounts – most importantly LinkedIn profiles that are actually real.

Path is looking to be a legit cryptocurrency with platform, suited to help the people who use it with real solutions for problems of speed and scalability and privacy.

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