Patron Ico Review

What Is Patron?

The company has its roots in Japan and is a project that incorporates the current trends associated with cryptocurrency and other communities online. It’s widely influenced by social media. Patron plans to tokenize the social media influenced aspect of the internet to help connect brands with the appropriate influencers.

Influencer marketing is something that has been happening for years now – popular social media influencers approach or are approached by companies like their niche. When they begin to work together, they essentially help to promote each other and grow brands. The brand and the influenced end up getting a lot more exposure.

In the end it’s almost always a win-win situation for both participating parties. And social media and brands end up having a lot more reach then before. It also allows the public to get more information on a brand or product.

Patron is attempting to capitalize on these relationships, but not before bringing influencer and product together. Popular accounts on social media are well known to collaborate with different brands in order to represent them and provide massive amounts of exposure.

They want to help them get as much business as possible and brand themselves to develop their brand further. It will enable influencers with the ability to connect with more brands through Patron online and on mobile.

How Patron Influencer Social Media Blockchain Token Rewards Works

When looking at the whitepaper listing, Patron has a few major functions:

  1. The share the influencers SNS delivery frame at the point of interest.
  2. Share influencers content for several months as needed.
  3. They bring on new influencers who are favorites in their niche.

The project ultimately wants to create next-level services for any new influencers as well as give them a platform for equality. A statement on the website of patron has said:

“We want to make a global impact on the level of Apple and Google and bring Japan’s thriving tech and influencer scene to new markets. Over the past four years we have worked with influencers and social media. We have the network built, the experience, and the technological expertise to make this dream a reality.”

A lot of people may wonder what the benefits of using Patron are? As of now, they claim that SNS marketing fees are somewhere in the realm of 40% worldwide. The project wants to use smart contracts like on Ethereum to help eliminate any brokerage fees. It will allow influencers the ability to decrease the amount of payments given to clients.

Patron ICO Details

Funding for project has been divided into several different areas:

Product Development:

Any products on the platform will be available on DAPPs and Mobile. Also, the cost of development for the influencer complex platform will be incorporated into this. As well any expenses, resource acquisition, marketing and advertising as well.

Global Expansion:

The project also plans to establish itself deep in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Toyo Influencer Hub:

At this section, funding goes to influencers and finding new influencers for the future as well as engineers, marketers and advertisers in Tokyo. The hub is even promised to include a movie studio and workspace.

The technical specs of Patron are as follows:

  • Patron Coin symbol is PAT
  • Coin is cryptocurrency of an open-sourced nature
  • PAT is implemented on the Public Ethereum Blockchain as an ERC20 token
  • PAT is new standard for common currency that will be used with Patron’s Ecosystem

Patron coin distribution is said to release 240 million coins during the ICO. This is out of the total 400 million coins. 160 million of the PAT is said to be allocated to Patron and is then used for distribution or to the various members of the board for Patron.

Participation in Patron ICO is as follows: 30% bonus during premium sale period

  • Start Date – February 1st 2018
  • End Date  February 28th 2018 22:30 UTC

Who Is Behind Patron?

There is a rich and diverse team behind Patron, starting with the CEO – Atsushi Hisatumi. He is the leader of the entire project and is one of the largest influencer advocates in Japan.

The COO is Koji Miur and according to the white paper listing:

“In 2009, joined the Ground Self Defense Force Junior Engineering School. He joined the Ground Self Defense Force at the age of 15. In 2013, the Ground Self Defense Force Equipment Railway Service Land Coordinator.”

These are just the two top dogs of the project, there are several others who are just as important to the team with like experience levels in their field. This is a very real company with a very real team backing them.

Patron Conclusion

The purpose of Patron is to help influencers gain business and connect with like brands. Patron could easily change the way marketing is done. They are a transparent company with a lot to offer anyone looking to participate or invest.

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  1. Patron is a big scam, it was sold for the price of $0.28 during the ico and listed on exchange for the price of 0.07, that means you lost -93% already before it was listed on exchange. too bad. stay away


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