Pawtocol intends to be one of the most advanced pet care communities in the world. This community uses the blockchain technology to help pets all around the world to live better lives. The main goal of the company is to provide a platform for animal lovers who wish to provide for pets who are in situations of need.

The Pawtool Team

This platform was created by animal lovers for animal lovers. The creators of the project include AI scientists, veterinarians, economics, engineers and blockchain experts.

On the platform, the team present itself only by first names (along with their pets): Karim is the founder, president and COO, Drago is the Chief Information Officer, Kyle is Business Management Economist, Barry is a Veterinary Officer, Oren works in Business Strategy and Development Management, Nathan in Biomedical Engineering, Jeramey as data scientist and project manager.

Other members of the team are Sting Xu (mathematical modeler), Monika (animal outreach coordinator), Jason (solutions strategist), Jerry (director of fun and gamification), Brandon (chief marketing officer) and “Rolf”, which is the AI that the company uses.

The company has two advisors: Kyle Feigenbaum (lead advisor) and Ilan Ben-Brith (blockchain advisor).

pawtocol homepage

How Does Pawtocol Work?

Pawtocol can basically be considered a pet parent membership program. First, you have to register your pet online and then you will be able to receive a scanner via the mail after you create your account.

You use the scanner on your mobile device and you can scam your pet’s food, toys and environment. After that, you can choose what data you are going to share with the community.

This data from the health of your pet can be shared with the global community of pet owners. This way, they can help their own pets to prevent illness and create tailored treatments for them. What do you gain with this? Tokens of the company that you can use to spend money on the platform. These rewards can all be traded or exchanged by cash.

By using the blockchain technology, the company is able to store and share the data from the pets with other people and reward them in an easy way. As the ecosystem evolves, rewards will be more useful, as the tokens will get more valuable.

The blockchain technology is fast and secure, enabling faster transactions than most of the companies are able to deliver today and it makes payments automatic and unchangeable which is a good protection against fraud.

The team uses the internet of things technology to integrate physical technology with the platform. The scanner that the company created is able to give to the pet owners an accurate analysis of the molecular structure of their pets, their food and their toys, as well as the environment in which they are placed.

This device is also able to detect, via photospectrometry, minerals, toxin levels, hormones, vitamins and more, which helps in the insight. The company has developed a flexible API that you can use to create even more devices that can be used in partnership with this platform.

By using an AI program called Rolf, Pawtocol is able to match the data against existing databases and make accurate predictions over the health of the pets. By learning from the databases, the machine will be able to analyze patterns and assess risks better.

The main goal of the platform is to reverse how people take care of their pets. Instead of caring for them in a reactive way, the company wants to develop ways to enable the owners to solve the problem before it appears.

The Pawtocol App

The official app of the company will be your main interface with the platform. It will connect the people who care for their pets and show data about them. Its interface will be simple to use and even people who do not understand a lot about veterinary will be able to understand the information that they will be able to see on the app.

The Pawtocol PAWS Token Sale

A total of 45% of the PAWS tokens created by the company will be sold in the Initial Coin Offering. At the moment of this report, the sale did not start and you could only subscribe for more information about it.

Most of the funds, 45%, will be used for software development, 20% for AI development, 15% for the hardware, 15% for marketing, 10% as a fund, 5% in operating costs, 5% in legal expenses and 5% will be given to non-profit animal support.

The Pawtocol Conclusion

This is definitely a great platform for pet lovers who care a lot about their animal companions. If you want to stop to be reactive when caring for your pet and start to be really active while caring for them, there is a good chance that this platform might be somewhat suitable for you.

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