Pay With Litecoin Customers Can Use LTC To Make POS Purchases With Wirex App

A recent Tweet by Pavel Matveev, the CEO of Wirex, is showing consumers how easy it is to use their program to expand the reach of cryptocurrency. His tweet, posted on June 8th, 2018, shows a video of him using a POS device with an airport shuttle in Tesla, which takes less than a minute.

In the comments on Twitter, Matveev reveals to consumers that they are working on LN adoption, though there is a cycle of time that it takes to catch up. However, this major step gets Wirex closer to achieving their goal of “massive crypto adoption.”

In a comment from the Wirex app Twitter profile, they say,

“It’s a huge, HUGE step towards massive crypto adoption. Banks will not ‘disappear’ in one day, or even one decade. The first step must be the integration of both traditional systems and disruptive crypto platforms. We have to be open-minded.”

Unfortunately, some consumers do not see this as adoption of the technology, since the CEO loads a prepaid card with the Litecoin to use in the shuttle. They even suggest that bitcoin is miles ahead of their technology, to which Wirex tells them, “I’m sure you will see how much you have been living in the stone age with other products,” if they try the app.

The Wirex app presently serves over 1.5 million customers, so their aggression in the technology field is well-earned. They reach over 130 countries and are based out of London. To learn more information about the Wirex app, visit their twitter page ( or their official homepage

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