Payment Solutions International

What Is Payment Solutions International (PSI)?

Payment Solutions International Limited is a public company that is incorporated under the laws of the nation of South Africa. It has an issued share capital of 100,000,000 no par value ordinary shares and 1,000,000,000 preference shares.

How PSI Lending Financial Service Works

The PSI platform has three core financial businesses that are structured around its product offerings, which are arranged into an operationally efficient business unit in every market that it operates. These are the PSI Affordability and Deduction Management Platform, PSI Loan Investment Fund, and PSI Loan Administration Platform.

PSI Affordability and Deduction Management Platform

PSI owns and operates through subsidiaries in each nation, the ADMP. It contracts its services to governments and large corporate employers.

PSI Loan Administration Platform

LAP licenses its technology to financial service providers, which enables them to manage loans processing, administration, and loan book management. It earns revenue on each loan application processed by a financial services provider.

PSI Loan Investment Fund

Since not all consumers have the same profile risk, PSI will establish a relationship with independently licensed financial service providers. The providers agree to utilize the ADMP and LAP platform exclusively and credit scoring methods to assess the consumers. Providers may then offer customized funding solution and offer preferential credit guarantees to the lenders for the exchange of lower interest rates to the consumers.

Through the ICO, the company intends to complete the first round of fundraising to launch the PSI for $25 million USD. To achieve this, the company will issue 25,000,000 PSI ERC20 standard tokens. Each of the tokens will be valued at $1 each and will represent 1 preference share in the share capital of PSI Limited.

The objective is to launch a rental participation opportunity that will broaden the shareholder base and enable a wide array of interested parties. These parties would normally have no access to capital markets to invest in preference shares via crypto markets. Institutional shareholders will be welcome to take part.

Payment Solutions International PSI Token ICO Details

  • Token Ticker: PSILTD
  • Token Price: 1 PSILTD = 1 USD
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH
  • Hard cap: 25,000,000 USD
  • Country: South Africa

The aim of the PSI ICO is to create an investment fund that will be utilized to invest in quasi-secured markets where PSI operates. The company has identified key opportunities to lend securely and profitably to the consumer base.

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