Blockchain industry-related jobs are the second fastest growing in today’s labour market. Every blockchain developer has 14 job openings or more. Over the coming years, blockchain will be a sound infrastructure.

It is expected that blockchain projects will dominate the future and offer even more jobs. For now, there is an increased demand for skilled blockchain professionals. Payperblock aims to connect blockchain talents to the promising blockchain projects.

What Is PayPerBlock?

Payperblock is a globally operating platform for freelancers. The platform has blockchain experts and the ecosystem is powered by PayB blockchain. The team at Payperblock hopes to use blockchain technology to connect the right talents with the right jobs so that every potential blockchain project can succeed. The goal of the platform is to offer transparent and fair ecosystem whose fees are the lowest in the industry.

Users of the platform need to create an account, post a job and then hire a freelancer to get the work done. The freelancers on the platform include contract developers, website developers, software engineers, writers, 3D mockup artists, remote assistants, and digital marketing personnel. The business will start from Finland where it is currently based and later expand to other countries.

PayPerBlock Blockchain Freelance & Expert Job Market Features

The platform has the following features:

Low Fees

The fee all the clients pay on the Payperblock platform is 1% commission if they make payments using PAYB and 2% when payments are made using Bitcoin.

Transparent Workflow

The platform hopes to introduce transparency in the freelancing industry. Follow up is made in real time, which allows for transparency and quick dispute resolution.

Community-Based Decision Making

Clients and freelancers alike are able to access a distributed dispute resolution process. The community makes decisions that are fair and democratic.

Decentralized Authority

A central authority does not decide the company rules and policies but all the decisions are made through a voting process among all the token holders made up of a large and diverse group of people.

Guaranteed Payment

The platform adopts a vigorous process to ensure clients on the platform always get their payments. For every payment, the agreed amount is frozen on the Ethereum account of the client and released to the freelancer once he or she completes the project. In case of any dispute, various token holders who give a fair and just decision resolve it.

Dispute Elimination Process

The platform will come up with a process that limits the occurrence of disputes. The robust management system will be set and both parties can use the system to monitor the solid workflow that will result in successful projects.

PayPerBlock PAYB Token & ICO Details

The PAYB token is the utility token to be used on the Payperblock platform. The token is an ERC20 coin based on the Ethereum network. The distribution and transfer of the tokens are handled by the PayB contract that is running on the Ethereum network.

10 billion tokens will be provided and 45% of these tokens will be issued during the ICO and the pre-ICO sales. The pre-ICO will be in August 2018 while the ICO will be in September 2018. The platform has a referral program where affiliates and the investor will receive 5% PAYB tokens for every ICO purchase made.

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