PayperEx is the world’s first alternative share market based on blockchain technology. Find out what that means today in our PayperEx review.

What Is PayperEx?

PayperEx, found online at, is a blockchain technology that aims to decentralize the share market by creating an alternative trading network. In other words, PayperEx plans to bring the benefits of blockchain technology to the world of shares trading.

The ultimate goal is, according to the website, “to give people from all over the world a fair, easy and affordable chance to enjoy the benefits of the share market by buying “Paypers””.

Paypers are transferred over the PayperEx network. They’re share-based units that can be used to represent other items – like bitcoin or Ethereum. For each underlying asset, a limited quantity of Paypers will be issued. Two general types of Paypers will be available, including BULL or BEAR Paypers. BULL Payper holders are predicting the market will go up, while BEAR Payper holders are taking the opposite approach.

What’s the point of making tokens that represent existing tokens? Here’s where PayperEx sees an opportunity:

“PayperEx gives you a second chance to get into the cryptocurrency market with a low entry price.”

Are you kicking yourself over not investing in bitcoin when it was priced at $1? We all are. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at whether or not PayperEx is a valid investment opportunity.

How Does PayperEx Work?

PayperEx’s solution involves trading Paypers, which are blockchain-based shares that represent other assets.

The PayperEx network plans to decentralize the “share” market by creating an alternative trading network using blockchain technology. Key elements of the system include:

PAX Private Wallet:

This wallet is a P2P payments service allowing people all over the world to send and receive funds in a simple and secure way with full control over their money.

Buy/Sell Order Book:

Like other trading platforms, PayperEx will have a buy/sell order book, including an innovative matching engine built on blockchain technology. That technology allows users to see all available orders. The Order Book is updated in real-time to give users a clear and transparent view of all market activities.

Control Over Future Orders:

Users have full control of their trading with orders like Sell Limit Order, Take Profit, Stop Loss, Buy Limit Orders, and more.

PAX Tokens:

PAX tokens are issued during the PayperEx ICO. You can spend PAX tokens on Paypers sold through the PayperEx platform. The tokens are available for trading 7 days after the completion of the ICO.


Paypers are share-based units. All trading on the PayperEx platform is conducted on Paypers. Paypers are based on financial instruments like Bitcoin and Ethereum. For each underlying asset, a limited number of Paypers will be issued. As mentioned above, there will be both BULL and BEAR Paypers. You buy a Payper based on whether you think the price is going down or up.

Scalable Platform:

PayperEx describes its technological architecture as “a highly scalable combination of the latest technological advances in blockchain, UX/UI, and server-side approaches.”

PayperEx Features

PayperEx advertises all of the following features:

  • Blockchain Technology: Blockchain technology is used to create a transparent, secure, and efficient transaction environment.
  • Matching Engine: Like all exchanges, PayperEx has a matching engine to match buyers with sellers in a peer to peer environment.
  • API Services: PayperEx will allow users all over the world to integrate to the network with a secure API based on blockchain technology. The API will enable PayperEx to add trading features from third parties in order to give users a full and unique trading experience.

The PayperEx ICO

PayperEx’s ICO will see the release of PAX tokens. The ICO begins on August 21 and will last all the way until December 19, 2017.

PAX Will be issued only during the crowdsale. Once complete, no future tokens will be generated. A maximum of 6.2 billion PAX tokens will be generated. Of those, 1 billion will be kept in reserve. A total of 4 billion PAX tokens will be available during the PayperEx crowdsale.

Further details about the ICO, including the breakdown of funding and other transparency information, can be found online at PayperEx’s whitepaper.

Who’s Behind PayperEx?

PayperEx was launched by co-founders Yaniv Baruch and Menahem Maya. Both have 14+ years of experience in the financial sector.

The concept for PayperEx began early in 2017. Development of the website, app, and private wallet began in May, while cryptocurrency exchange integration took place in July. The crowdsale and ICO are taking place in August and September. By Q2 2018, PayperEx hopes to launch their network to the public, then continue growing their ecosystem throughout 2018.

PayperEx is registered in the United Kingdom.

PayperEx Conclusion

PayperEx is a unique blockchain-based exchange that plans to release Paypers and PAX tokens. You buy PAX tokens during the ICO, then spend PAX tokens on Paypers on the PayperEx platform. Each Payper represents a certain asset – like bitcoin or Ethereum. You buy a BULL or BEAR Payper based on whether you believe that asset will go up or down.

It’s a unique concept and we’d like to see it in action once the platform is fully developed. The PayperEx platform launch is scheduled for Q2 2018, with the ICO taking place throughout the remainder of 2017.

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