The cryptocurrency trading business can be very lucrative or risky depending on the type of trading platform you decide to use. The best way to get quick returns is by selecting a reliable high yield investment program. By joining such programs, an investor can get daily returns through their managed accounts. You only need to deposit cryptocurrency in the account to start generating profits. We have tried our level best to review the platform in this article.

A team of professional traders came together to establish the Payvic platform that allows users to trade online. The platform offers both cryptocurrency and forex trading services. We can only confirm the exact paying status of after investing in the platform. You can select an appropriate investment platform from a list of reviewed trading platforms listed on our blog.

Is Paying?

It is our wish to find out as soon as possible if the platform is paying or not. However, this can only happen after comparing the platform with other paying platforms that are already available on our blog. You can find new platforms that might interest you by visiting our blog as often as possible.

Is Risky?

It is always essential for traders to acknowledge the fact that high yield investment platforms have their fair share of risks. New investors are always at a great risk of losing their investment, and that is why they should be cautious. It is advisable for first-time traders to take some time before reinvesting.

Depending on a single HYIP without adequate knowledge about is payment status increases the risk for a first-time investor. HYIP monitors reveal the level of risk regarding the recent payment status associated with Payvic, and that is why traders should visit the monitors on a regular basis. Investment Plans offers traders up to five investment plans. The plans include;

  • PV Starter- 3.5% daily for 90 business days
  • PV Traders- 7% daily for 40 business days
  • PV investor- 12% daily for 20 business days
  • PV VIP Traders- 1000% after 45 business days
  • PV VIP Investors- 2000% after 70 business days

Payvic Conclusion

Traders should be careful about as it is not a good idea for us to fully endorse the platform at this moment. Also, investors should only trust a particular site after confirming its updates status. It is never easy to find a genuine HYIP, and our website expects investors to be very cautious in their selections.


  1. is a scam they are not paying. Thy details was deleted from there database before the investment period end date. When I make enquires as to what happened, I was asked me to deposit another $200 in other to reinstate my details. stole $200 from me.


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